The Sanctimonious Sartorialist Strikes Again

It’s time. Time again for another fashion post.

I came across this David Yurman ad in Vogue on the same night I was watching the last episode of Vikings. As such, I wonder to which Earl the model pledges her loyalty by wearing those armrings?

David Yurman armrings

I just finished some academic research on the myth of the seven sisters, which is represented nicely in this ad (almost). Love those tights, too! Tights always get me. What’s your noticeable thing that always gets your attention? Boots, red hair, short hair, skirts, etc?


I’d like to say I have a favorite pair, but it always comes down to the woman wearing them.


We may be a minority, but one of these days the gingers will rise up and take over the world!


You know, in the military, we called this either brown or coyote. I suppose camel makes it sound more exotic than naming it after a varmint.


And I’ll end with a word of caution. Anytime you clip something hair-like into your mane…you’re wrong. The only exception is cosplay.


*Disclaimer- Everything I Know About Fashion I Learned from the Military, Watching Porn, Stealing My Wife’s Old Fashion Mags, Reading Comic Books, and Ron Swanson.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!





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