Starting the Advocare 24 Day Challenge

I’ve been an Advocare junkie for a while, mainly so that I can get the hefty discount on personal use products. My friend Bill is also an avid user. I had lunch with him the other day, and he told me about his goal of pushing his body through fitness and nutrition just to prove what a 40-plus year old man can do. He’s already made huge strides in that area by setting a new PR on the 5K at 42 years of age. After our lunch the other day, I was inspired to push my own personal fitness.

I went home and immediately ordered a 24 Day Challenge from Advocare to jumpstart my efforts. The package arrived a couple days later, but there was a holdup before I could get started. After talking to one of my coaching clients about my plan, she wanted me to wait to get started so we could challenge each other for added momentum. Anytime my clients get excited about change, I jump all over it. After all, it’s my job to inspire change.

So, for the next month there will be a few posts here and there about our progress. There will be talk about pounds lost, sugary snacks thrown away, and monstrous bowel movements instigated by the Herbal Cleanse. You’ll love it! Don’t worry, I won’t post any photos of the last item mentioned.

Advocare 24 Day box

Just to give you a primer, here’s our basic stats-


Dr. Dave (me)

  • 39yo. I turn 40 in January.
  • 246 pounds with a goal of 220
  • 16% body fat with a goal of 10%
  • Moderate physical condition
  • Main problem- too much abdominal fat
  • Primary goal- all-around fitness for multisport efforts such as mountain climbing, golf, and a first triathlon



  • Female
  • 267 pounds with a goal of 180
  • Mid-thirties
  • 40% body fat
  • Poor physical condition
  • Main problem- wrecked body shape and size after multiple pregnancies
  • Primary goal- a return to pre-pregnancy fitness


An interesting item to note is that this client didn’t sign on with me for physical conditioning. She became my client more for personal goals and business related ventures. She has several lifelong goals and business ventures she would like to accomplish that she needs a little push to reach for. This just goes to show you how much physical fitness affects everything else. I guarantee that once she’s in better shape that she’ll have more energy and willpower to achieve her goals.

With that said, what are your fitness goals?

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!



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