Advocare 24 Day Fitness Challenge Update

I’m officially 10 days into my adventure with the Advocare 24 Day Challenge. Today is the last day of the cleanse phase, so I thought I’d give you an update on myself and my client. For the initial beginning post, click HERE.

  • Boom! I lost 4 pounds last week.
  • My client didn’t weigh herself, which I fussed at her about. It’s hard to gauge progress on something like this without numbers.
  • I suffered a sunburn on both my legs, 12% of my body surface area, that ended up being 2nd degree burns so that derailed any additional physical endeavor during the first week of the challenge. Although I’ve done some upper body workouts, today was my first legs workout in 2 weeks.
  • I’ll try not to go into too much description, but the affect on bowel movements during a cleanse is very interesting. I’ve experienced changes in frequency, mass, color, looseness, and shape.
  • During the cleanse I began choosing healthier foods not because they were better for me, but because I knew they wouldn’t shoot straight through my system. No greasy foods allowed!
  • A lot of people complain and get sick on cleanses that you have to buy random ingredients and mix. The Advocare cleanse packets are easy to use and the fiber drinks are pretty good. My client hated them because of the texture and taste, so she mixed it up into here breakfast shake.
  • I had some weird dreams the first week, maybe from easing off of my normal diet and sodas. I even had a dream about a monstrous bowel movement that broke the toilet. Crazy, huh?
  • I hate taking a lot of pills. Never have liked it, but, you know, I wouldn’t have to do that if I’d eat better.
  • The breakfast regiment is hugely filling. I didn’t even crave anything until lunch and rarely ate a big lunch.
  • I find myself buying better snack foods like nuts because the chips and crap don’t fill me up enough without overdoing it.
  • I find that I’m drinking a lot more water since I have to check off every 8 ounces.
  • Once the challenge is over, I’m going to keep doing a checklist format to keep track of things like my food intake and water.

Now, after today, onward to the Max Phase of the challenge.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!

300 DWP version


One thought on “Advocare 24 Day Fitness Challenge Update

  1. Inspiring. My fitness improvement are from similar paradigm shifts. Especially in food and drink choices…weighing the consequences(pun intended) before eating/choosing/ordering/buying. This is encouraging!

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