Top Seven Things Wrong with the Airport

I’m on a trip right now way up in New England from my home in South Carolina. There’ll be a trip report later, but for now you are more than welcome to my musings about the airport section of the journey. Here we go…

  1. There’s a stupid goofy US Airways guy at the airport in Myrtle Beach SC that thinks he’s really funny but isn’t. I heard him one time telling some young women that their bags weighed too much and then proceed to sing “Money, Money, Money” while they stuffed things into their carry on.
  2. Yoga pants are apparently the unofficial uniform or air travel for women (and some men). I’m convinced most women should not wear them. At all. Period. Yoga pants are the dingy grey sweats of this decade.
  3. I staked out a spot at the top of the stairs and watched people. While I was there 85% of the people took the escalators, 10% took the elevator, and 5% came up the stairs. Thankfully, all of the people in the elevator were infirm, with strollers, or caregivers for either. Most of the people who used the escalator were healthy enough for the stairs or needed the stairs to be a little healthier.
  4. Hudson stores at the airport charge prices that feel like legalized rape because they have no competition and also…because they can.
  5. We need to go back to having pretty flight attendants. Old men do not make good attendants.
  6. You already know this, but the airlines will charge you for everything. Next on their price list is to charge you in the bathroom. Simply slide your credit card in slot after you make your deposit. #1 will be charged per fluid ounce and #2 charged per gram of fecal material.
  7. With those Youtube videos Southwest has set the bar really high for all the other airlines…and, so far, none are trying to hit the bar.

What crazy things have you noticed in the airports lately?

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!


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