CT Trip Report

My wife and I just returned from an awesome trip up to the frozen north. I was up there speaking at the CT EMS Expo as faculty with three lectures. They treated us wonderfully and held the conference at the Mohegan Sun resort. I usually stay in cheaper hotels, and this was the nicest place I’ve ever stayed. We even gambled a little. I came back with double what I put in and my wife quadrupled her money.


Here’s a rundown of the trip…

States visited- CT, MA, and RI with mileage of around 400 miles on the rental car. I was amazed that you can drive all the way across CT in under 2 hours.

Summits and trails-

  • Round Mountain in MA twice
  • Mt. Frissell summit in MA twice and the highpoint of CT on the SW slope. We made it up and down the Frissell approach trail in 2 hours and 45 minutes. I’d rate the trail at strenuous with some very fun near vertical rock scrambling.
  • Jerimoth Hill, the highpoint of RI


Event stops-

  • Great Barrington MA
  • Mystic CT
  • Mark Twain house and museum in Hartford CT
  • And lots and lots of traipsing around CT with stops at neat little shops, cafes, and churches along the way

CT Trip June 2014001

In addition to the hiking and walking, we really lucked out and found some decent hotels with nice pools. I swam almost every nice, averaging over 500 yards each time. DON’T forget to workout when you travel!

I was really impressed with how clean and green CT was. After visiting the area, I have to sadly admit that my own home state of SC is really trashy. People up there just seemed to care a lot more about making their living place beautiful. This was my first visit anywhere in New England, and I’m looking forward to getting back up there with my kids.

Be sure to check out my Facebook page or Twitter for way more trip photos.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!


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