What or Who is Sucking the Marrow Out of Your Life?

Most people realize that bone marrow is pretty important. Without it you die. Problems with it and you still die, just slower. That’s where the saying about sucking the marrow from your life came from.

In this pic, Dr. McCoy is sucking the marrow from humans to create a class of super mutants. You may not think your life is that dramatic, but it is. It’s also way more important. It’s your fracking life we’re talking about.

Find out where the marrow suck is happening and put a stop to it right now.

If you need help with the diagnosis, give me a call. I’ll coach you through it.

XMan 2_Sucking Marrow_001

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!

4 thoughts on “What or Who is Sucking the Marrow Out of Your Life?

  1. Implicitly, I’ve finally reached the point where I realize the need to from friends and even church fellowships that aren’t building strong mutual ties and support.

    What I’ve struggled with, though, is how to discern between lack of longsuffering with others (who I know mean well but are life draining) and a genuine need to move on – so that I am able hang in there with people who have deep needs encourage.

    More deeply, how do I explain this to friends and family who view such a move as unforgiveness or unwillingness to give second chances (or third, fourth, fifth) in hoping for interdependent friendship to develop?

    • Thanks for the comment. There’s no easy way to do this, especially when you consider the spiritual aspects like longsuffering, people thinking you’re unforgiving, etc. I try to look at it this way most times- how much are they willing to help themselves? People who aren’t willing to help themselves are almost always marrow vampires. They’ll suck you dry and never be any better for the effort.

      • Thank you for the insight. It’s a tough call to make, but in hindsight, I’m learning that to detriment I’ve gone the route of longsuffering over firm-minded but amicable separate ways. I’m seeing a lot of the “what might have been different” if I had known to let go. (I’m going through something really world-rocking right now, which this dynamic has a role in.)

        P.S.: I follow the Tour de France (watching today’s stage replay right now). I think there are five of us non-cyclists who do…

  2. I used to follow it when Lance and his team were in, but lost interest after his downfall. I was the same way with golf. Used to watch it when Tiger played but then lost interest again.

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