Tech College Numbers are Down Because They Suck (New School MBA)

I saw this headline in my local paper about one of my alma maters. Full disclosure ahead of time, I have 2 degrees from this school. I don’t use either one. They were just stepping stones to my terminal degree.


Personally, I think it’s kind of funny. Numbers are down, which is a bad thing for a self-perpetuating institution that lives off of convincing people that they need to go into debt for a useless degree. But then the school actually tries to take credit for it.


The real truth of the matter is that very few jobs, especially those taught at technical colleges, require a degree. Your time and money would be much better spent hands-on or learning the knowledge some other way. Just think twice before you give them all your money. There’s a better way. College isn’t the only answer to a career.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!


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