What is a Futurist?

Most people don’t understand what a Futurist does, or is. Some even wonder if it’s just a new name for a crystal ball gazer or tarot card reader. I assure you that it’s not, although, if I do my job right, it may seem like magic or prognostication at times. 

In my role as a Futurist I use various methods to extrapolate potential outcomes based on previous actions and behaviors, industry events, and outside inputs. I examine you, your business, and your industry in the past, present, and potential future. I use this to help my clients create their future instead of simply responding to it as most people do.

Armed with a potential future, you will find it easier to make it happen or avoid it.

I do this as the… Geek-Futurist-Nerd Examples of people I’ve helped:

Assisted a client in the fitness business find the next big innovation and capitalize on that while also avoiding the trendiness that comes and goes in that industry. Here’s an example of a fitness trend…Crossfit.

Helped a small construction business analyze growing trends to move into a new niche that became highly profitable with less overhead than previous projects. Before my help, this 25 year old company was about to go under by trying to be the business that does everything.

Worked with an attorney to create a potentiality file detailing possible court, mediation, and settlement outcomes. 

HERE is a series of magazine articles I wrote about the future of the Emergency Medical Services.

Several real life notable examples of Futurists include Buckminster Fuller, Jules Verne, and Carl Sagan. Check out their Wikipedia profiles and take a look at what they’ve done.

One of the most famous pop culture examples is Tony Stark, i.e. Iron Man. He is a Futurist in every sense in all his incarnations from cartoons to comics to movies. Just watch one Iron Man movie or read one of his comics and you’ll see what I’m talking about. iron man-Tony Stark-futurist That’s what we do as Futurists. The next step is to see how we can do that for you. T

his message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!

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