Crossfit on the Construction Site

I just added a little something extra to today’s workout. After biking in to work, I saw my dad unloading a construction materials truck. You see, I have an office in my dad’s building that he operates a construction firm out of. Hate to see my dad doing that by himself so I jumped in to help him and gained an extra workout.

Thinking about unloading a semi-truck as a mini-workout, or WOD as the Crossfit cult would call it, made me look at it differently. Think of it as a functional workout.

  • No stretching beforehand, other than the bike ride as a warm-up. Yeah, that’s like real life. I can’t tell you how many times on ops I never had time to stretch before running, lifting, or shooting. Like every time.
  • Carry items of varying sizes and weights over uneven ground. The weight of the materials worked for resistance and the odd sizing helped engage the core. As a matter of fact, carrying bundles of metal extrusions reminded me of log training in the Marines.
  • Lift, carry, set down. Repeat. Over and over.
  • Half the items I carried alone and the larger items with my dad. In other words, I got in some individual exercises and also some partner work.
  • All in all, it only lasted about half an hour, but I was sweating afterward.
  • I also got to spend some time with my dad.

If you live or work near a business that gets semi-truck deliveries, like a small construction firm, they could always use some help unloading their delivery trucks. I’m sure they’d love it. Let’s admit it, you could use the extra workout too. Don’t ask for money or anything. Just get to know them and do it out of kindness and the need to get swole.

I got to thinking afterward. If I went back in the office, jumped on a box a few times, threw some barbells on the floor for sound effect, and posted 15 pictures of this on Facebook, I could call it Crossfit. But, no, I’d rather just call it an extra workout.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!


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