I Will Make You a Published Author in One Month!

One of the things I like doing for my clients and friends is demystifying seemingly unconquerable obstacles. I’ve done it with physical endeavors like the triathlon. I’ve done it by helping people erase debt. I’ve done it by becoming an author and helping others do the same. I’d like to extend that invitation to you.

If you’re willing to take me up on the challenge, I Will Make You a Published Author in One Month!

It actually doesn’t take that long, but I made it a month because of delays that usually happen on your end. Take me up on my challenge, and here’s what will happen in just one month…

  1. Your book will be listed on Amazon.com available in both Kindle format and in print.
  2. Your book will be another revenue source that runs on autopilot through Amazon.
  3. You now have a published book that you can use for prestige, resume value, or just to tick off a bucket list item.
  4. You will have your very own author page on Amazon.com.
  5. You will now be seen as the authority on your chosen topic. You’ve got street cred now!

I will guide you through the process with everything from…

  • Selecting a topic if you’re starting from scratch
  • Getting the hardest part, the writing, done in a flash
  • Your front and back covers
  • Getting it uploaded to Kindle
  • Turning those files into a print book
  • Marketing your book and selling copies beyond just friends and family
  • Hitting Amazon’s bestseller lists.

Is it free? Sorry, but no.

  • I’ve found that people with no skin in the game just won’t be willing to invest their time either. Don’t worry about the money though. The idea is that the book quickly pays itself off once you finish your masterpiece.
  • What I will do is offer you bonuses to recoup your money. If you hit a bestseller list in 30 days, I’ll refund some. If you hit more than one list, I’ll refund even more.

The rules for the challenge (well, guidelines actually)…

  • There’s no time limit on this offer. It’s a regular part of my coaching practice.
  • It doesn’t matter where you live. We can do everything through the Internet, but if you’re close, we’ll meet at the coffee shop or my office.
  • I’ll make it easy, but you will have some homework to do. I will do my part, but you have to deliver on your end.

If you want to know about my street cred for this, check out my author page on Amazon. I’ve published over 20 books in digital and print formats and hit bestseller lists in Cognitive Psychology, Education Theory, Martial Arts, Wrestling, and Adventure Travel.

My basic program (including all of the above) starts at $249.

It’s decision time. How many of you have a book inside you that you’ve been talking about for years? Isn’t it time you finally put it out there?

Send me a message if you want more details or just have questions or you can do that in the comments below.

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!


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