Would You Rather Fix the Problem or Meddle with the Symptoms?

A local hospital near my office, the Conway Medical Center (Conway SC) is currently building additional operating rooms. It’s a normal practice. Hospitals are constantly growing partly due to an aging baby boomer demographic and also because people generally make poor lifestyle choices that land them in the hospital.

It’s on that note that I’d like to point out what’s a little messed up about CMC’s decision. In order to make space for the surgical center expansion they’re destroying the hospital’s Wellness Center.

Yup. That’s right. They’re destroying the place where smart, responsible, good choice making people go to get or stay healthy in order to build more operating rooms for people who are there, in a great many cases, because of repetitive bad decisions throughout life.

It goes like this…”Should I eat the burger or the veggies?”…compounded thousands of times.

Or maybe like this…”Should I visit the gym or sit on the couch?” Oh, wait. I can’t visit the gym. CMC is tearing it down.

The reasoning for all of this comes down to a want of money on the hospital’s part. There’s a term for that. It’s greed.

They’ll make more money from the surgical center than the wellness center.

If less people are getting healthy in the wellness center, they’ll end up in the surgical center at some point.

The surgical center will employ people who can bill way more than the staff at the wellness center.

To make matters even more interesting, the wellness center sits in an area that is only blocks away from multiple seniors-only communities. These people comprise a majority of the center’s membership. This is also a group of people that may not feel comfortable in the high speed loud music atmosphere of the other gyms in the area. It’s like the hospital is just saying, “Kick them out. Don’t worry about the loss of revenue from the gym fee. They’ll be back with their insurance and Medicare cards soon enough.”

The Conway Medical Center is simply responding the way medical professionals have for a very long time. Don’t worry about prevention. Don’t worry about keeping people from getting sick in the first place. The real money and job security lie in keeping them sick and feeble.

Be careful that you’re not doing the same thing in your own life.

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!


2 thoughts on “Would You Rather Fix the Problem or Meddle with the Symptoms?

  1. Walked (let me empasize that…WALKED) in a 5k last weekend called the Bearwallow Beast. It was aggressive. I finished the 3.1 miles and 1400 feet of ascension in 1 hour and 35 seconds…give or take. Quicker than I thought I would. The guy that won it did it in something like 26 minutes. Nuts! How does someone run something like this? Anyhow, bemoaning my speed by comparison I came a cross a quote on facebook: “So you’re slow? You’re lapping everyone still on the couch.” Yeah.

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