Local University Demands a Bailout and Increases Tuition (New School MBA)

It looks like my local university is at it again, asking for more money to deliver unneeded education and sink more kids into the student loan black hole. It’s the school close to where I live, Coastal Carolina University in Conway SC, that I’m referring to, but it’s the same all over. Colleges and universities are always raising tuition, while at the same time asking for more government money, which essentially amounts to a bailout. In return, they refuse to realize that schools have not kept up with the changing times and the true needs of the 21st century populace. They’re still overabsorbed with a system of tradition that is top-heavy, loaded with inflation, and in need of drastic change.


Here’s what I read in my local paper…

“Tuition hikes again under consideration”

“Tuition likely will increase for the second straight year”

“Preparing to approve a 3 percent hike”

“The price of the unlimited meal plan is jumping”

“There’s got to be some things around the school that we waste money on.” (You think?)

To me, it all just adds up to school basically just saying, “We don’t want to change, but we can’t afford to survive the way we run things.” But it’s apparently not their fault…

“Coastal leaders blame higher operating costs and limited state funding for the steeper tuition.”

When will we realize that something needs to change before another handout is given? CCU is really proud of their MBA program, but what are they really teaching their students? I’ll tell you. What they’re really teaching is that if you get into fiscal trouble, shift the blame and ask the government for a handout.

Interestingly enough, the same day this article appeared in the paper, the editorial staff also published a lengthy article by CCU President David DeCenzo begging readers to ask their elected officials for more money. I suppose we should also add Corporate Panhandling 101 to the MBA program.

How about this? The next time your local higher miseducation institution asks for more money from the government or raises tuition, write your elected officials and demand change. Demand a full accounting of how they plan on changing to meet the needs of the 21st century instead of preserving the current system at the expense of the students.


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