School…Huh…What Is It Good For? (sung to the tune of War by Edwin Starr)

You know how much I rail on and on about how useless traditional education is for grades pre-whatever on up through college and beyond. If you don’t check out any of my posts in the New School MBA category. I’m not saying education in general either, just traditional education.

On that note, I wanted to direct you toward a few resources from myself and other like-minded people, like world famous author and business guru Seth Godin.

Seth recently wrote a blog on the subject HERE.

Even better, you can download his free book on the subject HERE.

Right HERE is an awesome illustrated TED Talk by Sir Ken Robinson…

And, saving the best for last (I hope you agree), is my book on building a Functional Education for your kids.

Don’t waste the best years of your kids lives and your hard-earned money forcing them to learn the way everyone else thinks they should. Education should be enjoyable. It should set kids up for success in life and do more than just burden them with years of debt.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at Thanks for reading!

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