Colorworld, Death Touch, and a Superhero Cult

I read a blog recently about what to do and not do as a vendor at conventions. The article specifically referenced comic book conventions, but the principles hold true at most any gathering where you’re selling things, from a garage sale to a vendor floor. I just finished reading both that blog and a book by Rachel Kelly that I bought at a convention for many of the reasons cited in the blog.

You can find the full blog post HERE, but I wanted to cite several of the principles as they applied to the Colorworld booth.

Colorworld-2 and 3

Keep your head down at your table. Rachel and her husband were fully engaged with customers. I walked by and spoke to both of them several times and never had to work or even ask for their attention.

Not being able to describe your book or product. On one of my many walks by their booth, I finally stopped and asked Rachel what Colorworld was all about. Her well-practiced response was perfect. She had an elevator speech synopsis of the book and a longer explanation if needed. Not only that, but she succinctly answered all my questions as well. Indie books are all over the place at cons and many are poorly written, so it’s hard parting with my money and taking a chance on one. Rachel made it easy to hand over my cash (twice!).

Not rewarding your fans. I met Rachel at the Myrtle Beach Comic Con and bought Colorworld. I ran into her husband a month later at X Con and bought the next two books in the series. Rachel wasn’t there because she was at a book fair the same weekend. But guess what, he not only had a stash of autographed copies (just for me, I know it!) but I walked away with a metallic bookmark as a gift.

Think outside the con. One of the reasons I became endeared to Rachel and her family and am well on way to becoming a rabid fan is because in speaking to them they allowed me a glimpse into their crazy yet awesome lifestyle. We actually share a lot of similarities. A brood of four homeschooled kids for one. Two families with that many kids at home all the time…that’s a group of parents in need of a recovery group and a nice vacation. I also found out that they all live out of an RV and travel from con to con, living the nomadic life for a while.

So, suffice it to say, Rachel and her family are the perfect con vendors. They hit a lot of cons already, but if you’re hosting one, I’d suggest inviting them. They’re the kind of vendors that class up a con. They have a well managed and decorated booth. They sell a quality product. They engage with the audience from the perspective of vendors, parents, and kids. They’re quick to jump all over social media helping promote cons they attend. Invite them. Offer them a free booth. Ask them to do a talk on what it’s like living like carnies but at cons.

Now, about that book. I just finished reading Colorworld, but I’ve already purchased the next two books in the series and plan on tackling them soon. The book is an expertly written piece of prose. The grammar is tight and the story flows perfectly. I’ve read some indie works where I would actually sit down with a red pen and mark down the errors. My only marks in this book were quotes and other instances I wanted to remember.

The book is about superheroes, but not the kind of supes you see in Marvel or DC. This book is about a much more realistic possibility for developing abilities beyond the norm. As the book stated, “Manifest latent abilities. That’s what we call abilities that manifest during hypno-touch which are above normal human capability.” It feels so realistic that I found myself wanting to test the plot and see if I could develop powers. I do have pollen allergies, you know. You’ll understand that aspect when you read the book.

I got caught up in the characters too, so much so that I got really pissed when a certain guy in the book did something to our heroine that I didn’t appreciate.

The book is also about more than powers and abilities. Remove all that and it’s a novel about a broken family and how a young lady spit on by life finds love.

Here’s my recommendation, my call to action, if you will.

  1. Go Like the Colorworld site on Facebook. Actually, visit their website HERE to click on all their social media links.
  2. Find out which cons they’re headed to.
  3. If you’ll be at one of those cons, go meet them and buy a book.
  4. Buy a t-shirt from Rachel’s husband as well, if for no other reason than that the Big Iron Bad Ass graphic looks like me.
  5. If they’re not too busy, hang out and talk to them a bit.
  6. Mention them on social media and talk about how cool they are.
  7. If you can’t make it to a con to buy from them in person, you can still buy the books on Amazon right Colorworld (Volume 1)HERE.
  8. Once you fall in love with the books, go back to their website and check out their awesome mashup art pieces mixing the Colorworld with other popular people like Doctor Who and Batman.
  9. Now that you’ve fallen in love with the family, you notice at the bottom of their website store that you can do more and help support them on their awesome journey as well.

And there you go. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go look for someone with hypno-touch.

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

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