Big Trouble in Japan (The Mask by Taylor Stevens)

I just finished reading The Mask, the latest mystery thriller by Taylor Stevens. I’ve read, nay, devoured all of her previous books starting with The Informationist. You can read some of my reviews HERE and HERE and even HERE. The last post is uber cool because I actually hosted a contest based on the main character Vanessa Michael Munroe.

Her newest book did not disappoint. I have to admit though that I’m pretty biased. Stevens is one of my favorite authors. I read books by a lot of the other big names like Lee Child, James Patterson, and Nelson DeMille, but Stevens’ book are the only ones I keep and collect.


This current book launches with the immediacy of a battle and never lets up. My first thought is, “Oh crap! What’s  Munroe gotten involved in now?” It keeps me tense the way a true thriller should. Many books slow down and have their yawn moments at some point but not this one. It rolls on and on from the first page to the point that when I’m finished with it, I need a long nap just like the main character.

Aside from the action, intrigue, and bone-jarring fights, this one also pulled at my heart strings as well. Munroe is a person completely unused to forming attachments and letting her guard down. This time she does and it doesn’t have a fairy tale ending. It’s still good to see her happy for a while. She smiles, laughs, and even jokes. It doesn’t seem like her, but she really deserves for it to be her life.

Stevens’ work and her characters have been compared to so many others, but I feel like people are just looking for labels to define her into a grouping with Bourne, Lisbeth Salander, and other characters. I’ll say this about it…yes, it is a lot like those others except for the fact that it’s better.

If you’re looking for a great summer read and a new series to delve into, you can’t go wrong with Taylor Stevens.

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