Burn Your Underpants and Get a Stand Up Desk

You don’t really have to burn your underpants, unless you want to. It just seems like the thing people do to make a statement. You know, burning bras and underwear and such. I’d rather keep mine on, so you can too.

One of the recent posts on the Art of Manliness spoke of the dangers of sitting too long. You can find that post HERE. Go read it after you finish this one.

Basically, the lesson is that man wasn’t made to sit all day, and yet we do. Most of you sit for a commute to work where you sit in an office all day, until you sit down for your commute home, where you collapse in a chair to wind down a few hours before bed. Many of you sit for your breaks from all that sitting, either while eating, reading, or smoking. Outdoor biking excluded, most of the exercise people do involve sitting at machines.

You sit way too long. I did too. As active as my life is, much of my average working day is spent in front of a desk or at a meeting with a client sitting in chairs. I needed to make a change, so I asked my dad, who’s a construction guy, to build me a stand-up desk. Once that was finished, there was no turning back. I’ve been using my stand-up desk exclusively now for half a year. I have a stool tucked under it just in case, but seldom use it.

You can read about the benefits of a stand-up desk in other places, so I won’t bore you by repeating things. You can find another one of those HERE from Supreme Men. Instead, I’ll just talk about me. I feel better. I feel more energized not sitting all day. I feel more responsive to things going on around me, especially my kids. When I do sit down at lunch or to meet a client, it’s like a reward. If you ever come and visit my office, you’re liable to find me doing something weird, but don’t worry about it. Sometimes I do calf raises while working. Sometimes I’ll have one of my legs propped up on the desk stretching out.

If you have an office job, I’d urge you to transition to a stand-up desk. It’ll tire you out at first, but it’s a great change. There are so many options out there too. I opted for the hand-made tall table version, but you don’t have to. You can use a countertop. You can buy a desk that moves up and down based on your preferences. Just Google ‘stand-up desk’ and you’ll see tons of ideas and options available.

It’s time to take this small step backwards toward the days when men needed to be more responsive to dangers like dinosaurs and Vikings. Your all day sitting is turning you into a defenseless blob.

This is me doing calf raises at my desk. See the beard. I’m a Viking. I’m coming for you if you don’t stand up and move more.

Stand Up Desk

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!


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