Crossing Tim Ferriss Off My Bucket List

I had dinner with Tim Ferriss last week.


You know that whole thing parents have about living vicariously through our kids? It was due to them that this magical thing happened. You see, my oldest son won a cooking contest sponsored by Chef Steps and the prize was an awesome dinner at their Pike Place headquarters in Seattle with their crew and Ferriss. I’ll talk more about Chef Steps and the dinner later, but for now I’ll talk about meeting Ferriss.

I’ve been a huge Tim Ferriss fanboy for almost a decade since I first read The 4-Hour Workweek. Since then I’ve read his subsequent books, read all of his blog posts, watched his show The Tim Ferriss Experiment, and listen to his podcasts. I have other big heroes in the world of self-improvement, business, and entrepreneurship like Seth Godin and Malcolm Gladwell, but Ferriss is different. It’s his spirit of self-experimentation that really grabs me. It also doesn’t hurt that we share a lot of the same hobbies, many of which involve hurting people with guns, knives, or bare hands (but only if they really need it).

With all this fanboy crush built up over the years I was pretty nervous about meeting him. It wasn’t like I was gonna squeal, pass out, or throw my panties on stage or anything. It’s just that I wanted him to be really cool. I’ve met some celebs who are real douchebags in person. I’ve also met some who were way cooler in person than thought possible. There was Scott Harrison of Charity:Water who filmed a quick video for my son. Then there’s Seth Godin, who I haven’t met yet, but actually commented on my son’s blog and always returns e-mails.

Now there’s Tim Ferriss.


Let me tell you, he was very awesome at the dinner, like a perfectly normal guy who’s done some pretty amazing things, and is still really down to earth. Tim actually sat beside my 8yo son Benaiah at dinner and helped us watch the little guy to make sure he ate his veggies and tried at least a little bit from each course. Benaiah is  my quiet kid, but Tim talked him up quite a bit during the meal. Beyond that he was also very open about his projects, past and present, and answered anything we threw at him.

I do have to say that there was one thing in particular that impressed me about Tim the most. To my knowledge during dinner we only mentioned our baby girl Astrid by name one time, as she wasn’t there with us. Near the end of our conversations and prepping to leave, Tim asked about her by name. I have family members that can’t even remember her name and here’s this famous guy doing it.

To wrap up, let me state unequivocably that Tim Ferriss is a stand up guy in person as well as in his writings and speakings and such. If you’re not familiar with him, be sure to check him out. Before this dinner, I was a huge fan of his public persona. Now that I’ve met him in person, I can attest to a much higher level of expertise and credence with the things he’s done. He’s the real deal, and I’m really looking forward to his next projects. On that note I promise to not reveal anything secret he told us. You’ll just have to wait.

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

PS…In case you didn’t know, Tim is the source for all of my blog disclaimers.



Tim Ferriss– Sign up for his blog, get his podcast, read his books, buy his show. I’d recommend you do it all. Drink the Kool-Aid and ask for more.

The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss

The 4-Hour Chef by Tim Ferriss

The 4-Hour Body by Tim Ferriss

Chef Steps– What I would call the absolute best place to learn cooking online (or anywhere else). I’m a huge fan of non-traditional education, and you should definitely consider their online classes before you ever consider a traditional culinary school.

Modernist Cuisine coauthored by Chef Chris Young, founder at Chef Steps

Scott Harrison video for my son

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