Kenji’s 3 Rules to Live By

Kenji’s 3 rules to live by from The Food Lab

Challenge everything all the time.

Taste everything at least once.

Relax, it’s just pizza.


My wife and I met J. Kenji Lopez-Alt at a book signing event at Chef Steps in Seattle. She bought a copy of his book, and, ever since then, me and my boys have been diving into it for homeschool culinary and science lessons. While reading through the book together, our most frequent comment has been, “I really like this guy.”

Today I commented that it would be cool to publish a tome this size of Food Lab, you know a book that’s heavy enough to be used as a weapon, to which my 8yo responded in total seriousness, “Yeah, but no white cover dad. It’d be a shame to get blood on it.”


This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!


The Food Lab

Chef Steps


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