You’re Never Too Old for Adventure

As part of their homeschool I’m doing a bit of a psyops/Napolean Hill tactic with my kids by exposing them to success on a constant basis. I worked through Dan Miller’s free goal planning book at the end of the year with my 11 and 8 yo boys, and now they’re set with pages of plans, dreams, and action steps.

Each of them identified a basic career goal to work toward.

  • My 11yo wants to be a pro basketball star (or baller, as he calls it).
  • My 8yo wants to be a running coach.

So, each day I have them engage in some sort of media that shows people doing what they want to do. It ranges from magazine articles to Youtube videos.

My little runner and I watched this video the other day about a guy way past his prime at 65 who refuses to quit and still wants to get back and do another 100 miler. Even if you’re not a runner, I thought some of you might enjoy it as well, simply for the inspiration that age doesn’t matter. It’s simply an excuse if you let it stop you.

You can find the video right HERE.


This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

PS…Age is one of the excuses I counter in my keynote session Top Ten Reasons to Fail. If you’d like me to present it to your organization, give me a call.


How do I think and grow rich?

Who is this crazy Dan Miller guy?

How old is too old to be awesome?

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