Dr. Dave in Beast Mode…My Latest Comic Book Appearance in Sinthetic #3

The latest issue of the wildly popular indie comic book Sinthetic just came out. I’m featured in the series beginning in issue 2 as one of the last humans on a post-apocalyptic Earth. Since there aren’t many good guys left and lots of bad guys to choose from, I get to go a little wild and crazy during my killing sprees. I call it Viking mode.


This issue marks my 4th comic book appearance as myself…

I was a mad scientist super-villain with a nearly sentient beard in Facebeast.

Facebeast Minis 1_012

I appeared in Sinthetic 2, my debut with the nickname Dr. Berserker.

Dr Berserker BW

Lee Newman wrote a story featuring me as a big game hunter who finally meets that oh, so famous and ever elusive Bigfoot. This one should be published soon in a horror anthology.

Hunter-Lee Newman

And now, Sinthetic 3, where I get my hands on a sweet alien battle ax.


Be sure to check it out. The comic is drawn by Emil Koepcke, a good friend and Dr. Who fanatic. Seriously, he has a life-size Tardis phone booth and a Dalek that he climbs inside of and wheels around.  The scripting is done by Lee Newman, an up-and-coming comic writer. My favorite work of Lee’s hands-down is his book Creepy Kitchen.

You can buy the book HERE on Kindle or get in touch with Emil through the Facebook page if you want to order a print copy.

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My First Movie and I Get to be a Zombie Fighting Bad Guy!

I got my first movie gig, which I talked about once before HERE. Well, guess what, the trailer is out. It’s posted below, so feel free to watch it over and over and be sure to contribute bags of money to the Kickstarter for it. I’m betting if you offer enough money, the director will let you be one of the zombies that eats me.

Check it out…

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last of our days-zombies-walking dead-david powers

No Matter What I’ve Done, I Still Get Scared Sometimes

I was sitting right there behind the couch in my office. Kenny, Greg, Christiana, Robert, everyone else…the whole gang was sitting in front of me.

We were all gathered in my office for the first read through of the script for The Last of Our Days. It’s the first time I’ve done anything like this. Sure, I’ve done commercials and modeling. I’ve delivered lectures in front of thousands of people. I’ve taught at medical conferences with audiences full of people more qualified and educated than me.

But I don’t get nervous about those things anymore. This though…this was something new, and I was nervous.

Last of Our Days-zombie-David Powers

My lines didn’t come until the middle of the movie. I had the chance to hear others read first. Our director Justin would correct some by offering tips. A couple of them would flub lines. We’d make jokes. We’d laugh for a bit. The mob of angry butterflies in my stomach weren’t laughing though. They were punching me in the gut.

Would Justin tell me I was horrible?

Would the really pretty girl in the room look at me in disgust?

Would they all try to find some way to gracefully kick me off the cast?

And then it happened. My part arrived. I read. Justin gave me some tips. Everyone laughed at the right times.

I didn’t do it perfect, but I did okay. I found those butterflies and stomped them into a colorful mash-up of color and bug juice. Then I burned them so they’re kin would know better than to come back.

I’m looking forward to this, my first speaking role in a full length movie. It’s a zombie movie, and I get to play a bad-ass militia leader.

So, here’s my point. Don’t get complacent. Don’t get too stuck in comfort. Do something this year that gives you butterflies.

Get up right now and go plan something to do this year that will give you butterflies. The best way to know if it’s something big enough is that just the planning for it will give you butterflies too.

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P.S. Keep an eye out for the movie. It’s called The Last of Our Days and from Panda Loft Studios. You can stay tuned to the filming by looking for #LastofOurDays on Twitter.


Movie Auditions at My Office Next Week!

You guys know I get into a lot in my quest to master the art of living. For the longest time an item on my mondo beyond list has been to get a speaking part in a movie. I finally did it. The post-apocalyptic zombie movie The Last of Our Days will start filming this spring and I scored one of the lead roles fresh out of the gate. I get to play a militia leader named Connor.

We’re using my office for rehearsals and such and next week will be hosting auditions there for a few remaining roles. Here’s the info on that from the director. If you’re in town and want to try out, come on by.

david powers-myrtle beach chamber-fishing pier

This upcoming Monday, January 5th, we will be holding auditions for our film The Last of Our Days. The auditions will be at 6:00pm at the following address:

739 Sandy Lane, Surfside Beach SC 29575
It’s right off Glenns Bay Rd and almost beside the water park Wild Water and Wheels. It’s a big warehouse building. You can park up front or in the back. The office is on the side. The doors look like the bright blue doors of a Tardis from Doctor Who.

We are looking for females to fill the following roles:

Age: 25-30
Shoulder length brown hair, average height, slim
Wife of main character, Marcus.
Sophia functions as the emotional support Marcus needs in this low point of his life and the driving force behind his journey during the outbreak of this infection. Her name alone is a powerful vehicle in this story.

Age: 25-35
Long dark brown hair usually in a pony tail, fit figure, tall
Wife of supporting character, Andy.
Lisa is a brief antagonist that then turns into a strong support in Marcus’s travel group. Even though she puts up a tough front most of the time, her love for her husband and friends are never questioned. She serves as a protective shield for her goofy weaker husband and covers up her own weaknesses to make up for his lack of strength. This sometimes gets her in trouble.

Age: 20-30
Short jet black hair, average height, has some weight on her, in the early term of her pregnancy
Girlfriend of lead role, Lucas.
An optimistic woman and the wife of Lucas. She has just found out she’s pregnant after a dark past with their last child and see’s this as the light they need in their life. Despite not being a strong person, she makes up for it with her likable personality. She doesn’t work well under pressure but holds herself together whenever in the company of Lucas.


Age: Late 20s’ – Early 30s’
Short black hair, tan, athletic figure
One of the right hand men of the antagonist, Connor.


Infected(non speaking)
Priests and Priestesses(speaking)
Survivors(speaking and nonspeaking)
Church people(nonspeaking)
Military Personnel(speaking and nonspeaking)
Armed guards(speaking and nonspeaking)

Be sure to come out and audition if you’re interested or if you know someone who is! For speaking roles, they will be cold reads from the actual script. We’ll have a lead actor on site to read off lines to you. Bring with you any head shots you might have as well as a resume if you have one. For any questions, contact the director Justin Jones. His information is listed below. See you on Monday!

Justin Jones

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Reviewing the New 5.11 Tactical Catalog

I got my hands on a new copy of the 5.11 Tactical catalog when my new tactical kilt arrived. I thought I’d jump right on it and review it for you…in my own way.

Here’s the cover- guys, guns, blah blah blah. Let’s get on with the good stuff.


It’s nice to see a few beards in the catalog, but where’s the fierceness? These beards are a little lame, um, I meant tame (actually I didn’t).



Maybe a pic like this for the next catalog?


It’d be easy. They could show me traipsing around town with my 5.11 briefcase.


I need to get me one of these tactical gnome patches. My patch is cool, but he’s not in tactical mode.



As always, the tac vest is one of their best products, but I’d like to point out that I owned one back when 5.11 wasn’t even a company. Notice the Royal Robbins tags and button.



And lastly, they have some really sweet doorbusting toys in the catalog.


It’s not really new stuff though. My people have been making quality doorbusting toys for centuries…

Dr Berserker shirt

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DC’s New Post-Apocalyptic Vision in Hinterkind

I stopped into a local comic shop yesterday to find that their weekly new shipment hadn’t arrived yet. I hate going into a small business like that and not buying anything, so, on a whim, I picked up issue 1 of DC’s new series Hinterkind. I was pleasantly surprised, nay, more than pleasantly when I saw the opening scene was a zebra hunt on top of skyscraper in post-apocalypse Manhattan.

My favorite post-apocalypse visions occur in cities. What do people do in the urban areas after the big bad? What happens when animals start moving in? It’s like the lion scene in the I Am Legend movie or Fight Club’s description of hunters in the steel graveyard of buildings.


The comic is written by Ian Edginton with art by Francesco Trifogli. Here’s a description from the Vertigo website-

“Men go and come, but Earth abides.”— Ecclesiastes 1:4 Decades after “The Blight” all but wiped out the human race, Mother Nature is taking back what’s hers, and she’s not alone…The Hinterkind have returned. From the last, lost corners of the world they come, a myriad menagerie of myth and magic…but these aren’t childhood fairytale creatures. They are flesh, blood and passion, and they have a long-simmering hatred for those who drove them into the shadows: The human race!”

I realy enjoyed the art and story and am quite intrigued by plot elements raised in the first issue. I’ll be giving this one a go to see where Ian will take it. If you’re a fan of apocalyptic or fairy tale-ish stories, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it too. All I can say about the end of this issue is, “Poor Unicorn.”

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