Time for a Bathroom Drawer Dump

I see posts all the time on other blogs about seeing what people carry in their, pockets, bags, or cars. I thought I’d do one about the bathroom drawer. For a lot of people (my wife included), it’s just the bathroom version of the kitchen drawer, a catch-all for whatever doesn’t have it’s own place. I’m a bit more minimalist and also slightly OCD, so mine is different.

Here’s it is, with a rundown of what’s in there.

Bathroom Drawer

Old Spice Wolfthorn deodorant. I quit using anti-perspirant a long time ago and now only use deodorant.

Mountain Man Soap– Campfire scent. Mountain Man is the only soap I use. It’s artisan soap, hand-made in California by my friend Brett.

Beard Oil and Beard Batter from Roughneck Beard Company. This stuff keeps my beard tamed and in check. To do otherwise would endanger the earth.

Advocare Thermoplus. A little extra aid for my fitness program. It’s been referred to by some as liposuction in a bottle.

Other assorted random beauty and hygiene aids

The only things you can’t see are my bottles of niacin and a generic multivitamin.

How about yours? Post a pic and a description here or on my Facebook page.

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I Look Like a Big Hairy Chicken in the Bod Pod Egg

Check me out in the Bod Pod! I look like a big bearded chicken.

David-Powers-Bod Pod-2

I first read about the Bod Pod device in Tim Ferriss’ book 4 Hour Body. He praised it as one of the most accurate body fat measurement devices around. I’d done the caliper thing before, but always wanted to try the pod. When I found out that Coastal Carolina University, a local school, had one I immediately made an appointment. After doing so, you’ll never see me playing with the calipers again. The test was crazy cheap considering what the device cost. It was only $35 and less than an hour, and I was done.

For the skinny (pun intended) on what a Bod Pod does, here’s the verbiage from the COSMED website

“The BOD POD Gold Standard Body Composition Tracking System is an air displacement plethysmograph which uses whole-body densitometry to determine body composition (fat and fat-free mass) in adults and children, and can accommodate a wide range of populations. A full test requires only about 5 minutes, and provides highly accurate, safe, comfortable, and fast test results.”

Basically, it tests your mass and density using air instead of water or calipers.

Before I show you my results, let’s first look at some photos.

First, this happened. I think Stacey, lab coordinator extraordinaire accidentally hit the Matrix button. Oops!

Matrix-pod-Bod PodOnce we left that ‘verse and came back she made another wrong turn.

Mork-Mindy-pod-Bod Pod

Finally, we made it back to reality.

David-Powers-Bod Pod

Before I show you my results, I’m going to admit that they’re not at all flattering. I’m okay with that. Not happy, but okay. I’m big on transparency and group accountability in fitness and nutrition. I know so many obese people that stay that way because they hide everything they do.

I’ve been on a big tear lately to lose some weight. I hit my highpoint of piggishness at 252 pounds last year. I carried it well, but I felt like crap. Just kind of heavy and clunky all the time. Now I’m thirty pounds lighter. I feel much better, but I’ve not hit my happy point yet, as you’ll see from the results.

Bod Pod-results-March 2015-001

That’s right. 28.9% body fat. It’s high, and it’s all my fault. I own that. Most of it is pasta and burgers and Mountain Dew.

In case you’re wondering why it’s worth it to know stats like this, I’ll tell you what it means to me. The last time I measured my fat, it was with calipers, and I came in at 24%. With the error variability potential with calipers I’m going to just say that I’m still at the same level, even though I’m 30 pounds lighter. Knowing these stats now means that I need to radically change my workout and weight loss profile. Essentially, I’ve burned off nearly 30 pounds of muscle with my calorie restriction diet. I knew I was doing that some but not this bad. My original plan was to burn down to 200 pounds and then beef back up to a muscular but way less obese 220 pounds. I’m going to alter my plan now to focus exclusively on fat-burning and lean muscle building in my workouts and eat foods that support the same. Calorie restriction with moderate exercise gave me a jumpstart, but now it’s time to change.

Here’s an interesting fact about the Bod Pod. Hair holds air and can therefore alter the results slightly. The mere fierceness of my beard likely swayed the results somewhat. Not enough to make me a lot less porky, but it’s still pretty cool to know that my beard has its own presence.

Thanks to Dr. Darden for the use of the lab. Thanks again for coaching my son’s baseball team last year as well. Folks, keep your eyes peeled for the name Darden in a few years. The Dr’s son is an amazing baseball player and will likely be making headlines at some point.

Thanks to Mrs. Stacey Beam for administering the test and scoring me an awesome parking spot on campus. Thanks also for not making fun of me too much for being fat.

As an added bonus I also got the chance to see the always wonderful and supermodel beautiful Sara Wise, who works at the school. Guys, I won’t post a pic of her because she is already taken.

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David-Powers-Bod Pod-3

Reviewing the New 5.11 Tactical Catalog

I got my hands on a new copy of the 5.11 Tactical catalog when my new tactical kilt arrived. I thought I’d jump right on it and review it for you…in my own way.

Here’s the cover- guys, guns, blah blah blah. Let’s get on with the good stuff.


It’s nice to see a few beards in the catalog, but where’s the fierceness? These beards are a little lame, um, I meant tame (actually I didn’t).



Maybe a pic like this for the next catalog?


It’d be easy. They could show me traipsing around town with my 5.11 briefcase.


I need to get me one of these tactical gnome patches. My patch is cool, but he’s not in tactical mode.



As always, the tac vest is one of their best products, but I’d like to point out that I owned one back when 5.11 wasn’t even a company. Notice the Royal Robbins tags and button.



And lastly, they have some really sweet doorbusting toys in the catalog.


It’s not really new stuff though. My people have been making quality doorbusting toys for centuries…

Dr Berserker shirt

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Professional Bearding at Its Best

So, just what is a professional beardsmith? I’ll let you decide. I’d love to hear what you think.

While you ponder it, here’s some inspiration.

Check out the sweet red beard on this Wonder Woman cover. It reminds me of me.

Wonder Woman

I’m an old school Steelers fan from way back when Terry Bradshaw and Mean Joe Greene played. With beards like this though, it might be time to be a fan again.




Here’s a great entry from TC McCarthy’s book Germline.



And I’ll leave you with a sweet pic of me with my new beard notebook that my mom bought for me.


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GI Joe Rocking the Facial Hair

Here’s another collection of posts for you on GI Joes with facial hair.

On the flipside, I have some really great news for any Myrtle Beach SC area folks. A friend of mine is organizing a local Cobra cosplay group. I’ve seen his logos and patches and they are awesome! I’ll keep you updated with any new developments.

And now for the parade of hair…







Gung Ho


Heavy Metal




HERE is the previous link with other Joes.

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The Following Season 2 Gets Beardworthy

I enjoyed watching the first season of The Following, even if the police technical advisor was apparently smoking crack while he worked on it. I’m glad to see that season 2 comes due soon and is now sporting a beard. Season one is on instant play on Netflix.

Following Beard001

There’s a nice beard on the cover of Green Arrow 25. If you’ve missed any of Batman’s Zero Year saga, it’s pretty good. You could try rounding up all the loose issues, but it’d be easier and cheaper just to nab the trade paperback once it comes out.

Green Arrow 25_Beard

I know the answer to how to pull off a 10 day beard. The answer is that you quit pretending that 10 days makes a beard and you grow a real one.

10 day Beard001

My son drew this for me. Apparently, the aliens want me for my beard.

Aliens Want the Beard_BKP001

I’m not sure which is worse, the bank robbery or the improper use of facial hair.

Bank Robber Fake Facial Hair001

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No Thanks. I Brought My Own Beard.

Here’s a periodic beard-centric posting for you…

I attended a Duck Dynasty event at Lifeway books with my wee vikings. It was kind of interesting because there were grown men walking around with fake Uncle Si beards. Someone asked me if I wanted one, but I said, “No thanks. I brought my own.” It was a great event, though, and we walked away with the big cardboard stand-up of Uncle Si.

Duck Dynasty event

This pacifier is pretty cool. It’s kind of sad that most babies are born without facial hair.


My best friend Ryan McRae sent me this sweet tactical patch from Afghanistan, so I played dress up and posed a pic for it.



And finally, for your enjoyment, a slightly bearded Green Lantern.


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