Wrapping Up 2014 with a Bang!

Here we go with a recap of the past year for your viewing enjoyment…

Instead of really starting any completely new streams of income, I repurposed a lot of my information products and books so that they’re sold on multiple platforms. The majority of my income in that area comes from Amazon and Fiverr.

Here’s one of my new books that will be coming out this year…

marriage-relationship-Dr. Powers

I consumed (i.e. read) 35 books. This is about the same as last year. I’m still trying to enjoy and remember my reading more and not just reading for the sake of logging another completed book. In 2011 I read over 100 books, but felt that I lost something in the recall. I’ve been reading Antifragile by Nassim Taleb for the entire year. I’ve actually started it over twice. It’s heavy stuff and worth learning.

I was out of town for fun or business for 40 days in 6 states. No out of country trips though. I’d still love to travel more. I did manage to climb 2 new highpoints in Connecticutt and Rhode Island.


Only played golf 5 times, which is pitiful. My average score is still 108. I’m still working to get to the point where my average score is below 100. Playing more would certainly help with that.

Spoke publicly 134 times, which broke down mostly into churches, corporate training and colleges. This also included 2 weddings, 1 funeral, and 1 baptism. I attended or spoke at the Connecticut EMS Expo, the Greenville SC Homeschool Conference, TEDxCharleston, X-Con, the Midlands Homeschool Conference, Dragoncon, North Carolina Emergency Medicine Today, the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce Human Resources Conference, and the South Carolina Banker’s Association Human Resources Conference in addition to other venues.

I ate out 181 times (about 15 times a month).

I imbibed 229 cups of coffee and 290 soft drinks. I’d like to see an inverse relationship there as the coffee goes up and the soft drinks go down. Either way, the soda numbers need to drop. Me being a coffee expert, people might question why so few cups of coffee. The thing is, I drink it with a purpose. My mom consumes about 20 cups a day, but I’m not sure she actually tastes anything.

Dr. David Powers-Cappucino-coffee

Wrote over 163 blog posts, which is half of last year’s tally, but it was an area I needed to cut back on. Blog views were just under 30,000. I expected some slowdown in this area as my new team split up my main blog into several different areas to focus on niches instead of a general lifestyle thing. Check out my website if you’d like to see the links for the other blogs. Views will go up this year as we capitalize on marketing those blogs.

I worked out 250 times, an increase over the previous year. This resulted in a weight loss of 17 pounds. In addition, on the physical side, I biked 407.43 miles, swam 7.98 miles, and kayaked 20 miles.

kayak-Murrells Inlet

What big strides did you make this year?

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General Tso Says Follow Your Own Path to Cooking

My wife is out of town for a few days at her parents’ house. It’s a good time. We both can use a short break from each other every now and then. It gives me a chance to stay up late, get caught up on zombie movies, and play loud music in the mornings. It also gives me a chance to make my own meals.

Now, I gotta warn you. I don’t cook. Never have. I just never had the desire to learn. When my wife goes out of town, I eat like a bachelor, so she makes meals and freezes them or buys me frozen bag meals. The first thing to know about bag meals is that you don’t need to follow the instructions.

Last night’s supper was General Tso’s Chicken. Here’s the instructions followed by plenty of room for deviation.


1. If the meal is microwaveable, cook it that way. It’s faster.

2. Turn the stove eye on hot. Pour some oil into the pan/pot/kettle or whatever. I grabbed some of my wife’s blood orange EVOO, which smelled really good. Dump the chicken, veggies, and sauce in all at once and start stirring.

3. Stir often, because with the stove on hot, it’ll stick to the bottom really easy.

4. Grab whatever cup you have nearby, put in some water, and dump it into the pot. If it’s too much, don’t worry, you can just cook it away. I grabbed a Spider-Man Tervis cup I was drinking Mountain Dew out of. I put in way too much water and basically made it look like a soup, but, like I said, no problem.

5. Throw the rice bag in the microwave for a few minutes, and then dump it into the rest of the mix.

6. Stir everything until it looks done, it’s burnt, or the excess water has boiled away.

Done! Fill the pot with water and let it soak. That’ll make scraping out all the stuff that’s burnt to the bottom a little easier.

Now, where else can you say, “Screw the rules!” and follow your own path?

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Take Time for the Big Problems

Everyone should take some time for themselves to work on the big problems in life.

I do this over coffee with my good friend Mark. He has an office next door to mine. I’ve known him forever. I first met him in a rock climbing class that he was teaching at the local university. I was still in high school, and it was my first taste of climbing. Since then, we served in the same Marine Corps unit. We worked as partners for over a decade on an ambulance. We’ve been on climbing trips together. And we solve global issues over coffee.

When Mark’s off work, and I’m in the office, I’ll walk over at about 2:30. He’ll have a new pot of coffee brewing, and that time of day is usually a transition point for me. We drink a few mugs of coffee and, over about half an hour, brainstorm and solve big issues. It’s an informal, caffeine-fueled think tank.

Some of the things we’ve worked on…

  • legalization of marijuana
  • abolishing the IRS and instituting a new tax system
  • peace in the Middle East
  • rebuilding the education system in America
  • child-rearing

We’ve hit on a lot of other issues too. Some of our ideas make it out of the office. Others are just pure speculative ponderings. It’s a good time though. It’s all about fellowship with a friend and thinking about issues beyond ourselves. You don’t have to do this over coffee, or with a friend, or in your office, but what do you do during the day to encourage free thought, work on other people’s issues, or even decompress? Find something that can do that for you. It’ll make you feel better, and, who knows, maybe you’ll solve one of those big issues.

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The Weekly Grinding of the Bean

I’m feeling a little whimsical today, so I thought I’d have a fun posting of the coffee pics.

Our first post comes from a somewhat deluded villain in the comic Anti. In what world is a punch in the face a better wake-up than coffee?


Now we know where SHIELD hides their listening posts. Proximity to good coffee always makes a better worker.

Ultimates tpb vol1

Ultimates tpb vol1_b

For something a little more less comic and more science, here’s an article from an old Muscle and Performance magazine.

Caffeine Perks 1

Caffeine Perks 2

Caffeine Perks 3

Caffeine Perks 4

And our final posting today is from White Collar and an attempt at fellowship and reconcilitation over a cup of coffee. If you’ve seen this episode, you know that it even had a nice coffee song to go with it. Truth be told, though, the FBI coffee doesn’t even come close to matching the coffee made by a dedicated gentleman art thief.




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Embrace the “I Don’t Know”

I’m off on adventure time. Not like the cartoon with Finn and Jake but close. My baby does have a Finn diaper bag. No, I’m off on adventure time with my family to north Georgia to do some hiking and exploring.

It’s weird, but as much as I like new experiences and challenges, I’m just not one to try new eateries that often. I often opt for the same old chain places and order the same old thing every time. I like regularity with my foodstuffs.

We were in downtown Dahlonega GA tonight, just walking around looking for a coffee shop for some hot brew. Me and my mom walked down to a place by the name of The Crimson Moon right off Main Street. I thought it was just a coffee shop. Turns out it was a restaurant as well. I was gonna turn around and find a ‘just a coffee shop’ spot, but my mom said “Nay”.

“Let’s all sit down, and go ahead and eat here,” she says.

“Grumble, grumble,” says I.

Turns out my mom new way better than I did.


The Crimson Moon is a cafe, a bar, and a coffee shop complete with a stage and sound system for live mic performances. I believe it used to be an old store and you can still look around and see the old panelling, ceiling tiles, and original glass in some of the windows.

We all enjoyed a great meal with most of the place to ourselves. Not one to eat that many veggies, I ordered a vegetable platter that was awesome. My son had a fancy grilled cheese with three cheeses, onions, and spinach. Even the baby had a great meal. He cried when all the sweet potato chips were gone.


Our waitress was pretty cool. She was the epitome of sweet southern charm all wrapped up in a cute package.

Oh, I had that coffee too, before I left. I sipped on the Gemini, which was a vanilla hazelnut latte.

So, don’t be afraid to embrace the “I’m not sure” times in your life. Sometimes you may strike out, but I’d say that you’ll nail it most of the time, like we did today. If you’re ever in Dahlonega GA, park somewhere near the Gold Rush museum, walk around a bit to work up an appetite, and then stop into The Crimson Moon for a great meal or coffee.

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If Coffee Doesn’t Kill Me, It Will Only Make Me Stronger

Here’s a couple more pics from Land of a Thousand Hills. This one is yumm-o, as Rachel Ray would say!



Stuck in Asgard. Armor not working. Tony Stark’s still got his priorities right. He wants coffee. These pics are from Avengers Prime issues 1 and 4, respectively.

Avengers Prime 1_Stark coffee 001

Avengers Prime 4_Could Use Coffee

My wife made this awesome Red Velvet Cake dessert with Trader Joe’s Coffee Sugar sprinkles on top.


I have never been a fan of powdered non-dairy creamer (which isn’t really non-dairy). Apparently, others agree.

Avoid Creamer_Glamour Apr2012001

Here’s a scene from an old 1943 Barnaby and Mr. O’Malley comic strip.

Barnaby and Mr O Malley_1943_001

I saw this awesome cardboard cafe in a parenting magazine. My kids have played in cardboard houses and even a cardboard Spongebob pineapple house, but the cafe is new to me. Pretty cool!

Cardboard Cafe





Storybranding, Inbru, and Juppy Baby Walking

Here’s another batch of articles that I published in print.

The first is a review of the Juppy Baby Walker that printed in my Homeschool Tips column in Parent News magazine.

Juppy Review001

The other article is a review of Storybranding by Jim Signorelli published in my Time to Relax column in Transitions magazine. This one also includes a review of the Inbru coffee flavorings.