Wrapping Up 2014 with a Bang!

Here we go with a recap of the past year for your viewing enjoyment…

Instead of really starting any completely new streams of income, I repurposed a lot of my information products and books so that they’re sold on multiple platforms. The majority of my income in that area comes from Amazon and Fiverr.

Here’s one of my new books that will be coming out this year…

marriage-relationship-Dr. Powers

I consumed (i.e. read) 35 books. This is about the same as last year. I’m still trying to enjoy and remember my reading more and not just reading for the sake of logging another completed book. In 2011 I read over 100 books, but felt that I lost something in the recall. I’ve been reading Antifragile by Nassim Taleb for the entire year. I’ve actually started it over twice. It’s heavy stuff and worth learning.

I was out of town for fun or business for 40 days in 6 states. No out of country trips though. I’d still love to travel more. I did manage to climb 2 new highpoints in Connecticutt and Rhode Island.


Only played golf 5 times, which is pitiful. My average score is still 108. I’m still working to get to the point where my average score is below 100. Playing more would certainly help with that.

Spoke publicly 134 times, which broke down mostly into churches, corporate training and colleges. This also included 2 weddings, 1 funeral, and 1 baptism. I attended or spoke at the Connecticut EMS Expo, the Greenville SC Homeschool Conference, TEDxCharleston, X-Con, the Midlands Homeschool Conference, Dragoncon, North Carolina Emergency Medicine Today, the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce Human Resources Conference, and the South Carolina Banker’s Association Human Resources Conference in addition to other venues.

I ate out 181 times (about 15 times a month).

I imbibed 229 cups of coffee and 290 soft drinks. I’d like to see an inverse relationship there as the coffee goes up and the soft drinks go down. Either way, the soda numbers need to drop. Me being a coffee expert, people might question why so few cups of coffee. The thing is, I drink it with a purpose. My mom consumes about 20 cups a day, but I’m not sure she actually tastes anything.

Dr. David Powers-Cappucino-coffee

Wrote over 163 blog posts, which is half of last year’s tally, but it was an area I needed to cut back on. Blog views were just under 30,000. I expected some slowdown in this area as my new team split up my main blog into several different areas to focus on niches instead of a general lifestyle thing. Check out my website if you’d like to see the links for the other blogs. Views will go up this year as we capitalize on marketing those blogs.

I worked out 250 times, an increase over the previous year. This resulted in a weight loss of 17 pounds. In addition, on the physical side, I biked 407.43 miles, swam 7.98 miles, and kayaked 20 miles.

kayak-Murrells Inlet

What big strides did you make this year?

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!

Invading Crown Park Golf Club in Loris SC

Our regular crew of myself, my dad, and two coworkers invaded a local course just a few miles from the house. It was the first time we played the Crown Park Golf Club, and I’d say it’s a hidden gem a few miles from the Myrtle Beach SC. The course sits right on Highway 9 between Little River and Loris amongst a row of other courses.


Here’s the skinny on the course…

Course…We played on a really crappy weather day, but the course was still in excellent shape with not too much mud or puddles. It had rained all morning and still sprinkled on us a little, but I have no complaints on the course at all. I’d say it’s in even better wintertime shape than most other courses we’ve played here at the beach. The staff at the course was awesome, especially the cart attendant and the snack bar lady. The only exception there was Jason that manned the desk. I didn’t get the chance to meet him, but when I called the course that morning to inquire about the weather, here’s the conversation…

Me- I wanted to check on the weather. It’s raining on the south end of the beach. How is it on your end?

Jason- Not sure. I think it’s misting.

Me- What’s the prognosis on weather for the day?

Jason- Not sure. I haven’t looked at the weather or the tv or the radar or anything.

Me- Uh. Ok. Thanks.

In my humble opinion, I’d consider it the golf pro’s job to know the weather report for the day and be able to advise anyone calling not only how it is currently, but how it looks for the day. When we arrived there, the cart attendant (he was awesome!) had looked at the radar, had a report for us, and had checked the course to tell us which holes were cart path only because of the water.

Course Rating…I’ll give the course an 9 of 10. The only thing holding me back from a 10 was that there weren’t any spectacularly memorable holes or layouts on the course, just pretty much standard fare as far as doglegs, water, fairways, etc.

My Score- I did alright. I’ve been beating my dad some lately, but this time he got me by 6 strokes. I’ll say my score was over a hundred but under 120.

Price…I had a really awesome coupon and only paid $63 for a foursome. Pricewise, I’d say this course is definitely worth up to the $50 range.

Price Rating…10 of 10

Food…This is the main rating point. At our skill level, the course could change a lot, but it’s the mid-game snack that really causes a change in our game. A bad hot dog can ruin a game, but a good one, and you have a chance at breaking a 100. The hot dogs were great. They had chili and the dogs were actually bigger than the buns.

Food Rating…10 of 10

Wildlife…Just a few squirrels and herons. I’ll blame the lack of noticable wildlife on the rain.

Wildlife Rating…6 of 10

Item of Interest…

Why are there never any pretty young ladies on the golf course? In several years of golf I’ve only seen young guys, old guys, and old ladies? There’s a big disparity there.

One nice fact is that there were few houses visible from the course and none in the danger zone, i.e. anywhere in the direction or distance from my shot.

The golf carts were outfitted perfectly for the weather. This was the first course I ever played in crappy weather the already had side curtains installed on the carts. They also had heaters on the carts as well. So nice! I’ve never seen that before, and we’ve played a lot of our courses in the winter and in crappy weather.

Overall Rating…9 of 10. I’d highly recommend playing this course if you’re looking for great golf at a great price.

Bonus…Some of the signs mentioned swales, a word I’ve never seen before. I assumed it meant ‘ditch’, but I looked it up anyway. The definition of swale is “A low or hollow place, esp. a marshy depression between ridges.” I expanded my vocabulary playing golf!