Born for Adventure or Developing It?

Some of us are born for adventure, with a wanderlust that can’t ever be completely quenched. I got that from my grandpa.

Lizzy Caplan was born with it. On the show Masters of Sex the directors wondered if she could pull off a 1950’s period piece. She went for it.

Lizzy Caplan-Adventure-001

If you’re not born with it, no worries, you can develop it.

Look for little adventures each and every day. You’ll soon realize the power and joy in life that comes from a life of constant curiosity.

What will you look for today?

Coffee in a new place?

A new item on the lunch menu?

Twenty jumping jacks before lunch?

What will it be?

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Watch Lizzy Caplan in a modern piece Now You See Me and a period piece Masters of Sex. Hint…she’s great in both!

Here’s a book chock full of tips for adventuring with coffee

The Black Sultan by L. Ron Hubbard (Book Review)

There used to be time in the world when you could travel more. Just about anyone could travel just about anywhere and come home alive. Sure, there were always troubles from bandits and thieves, but there wasn’t a sense of global insecurity like we have nowadays. Events make you feel like at any given moment you could leave home get blown up by a radical Muslim. I consider those good old days to be the golden age of modern exploration.

That’s the world you can find in most of L. Ron Hubbard’s Galaxy Press tales and certainly in this one as well.

The Black Sultan is the story of Eddie Moran, a disreputable American adventurer not that much unlike Nathan Drake  from the Uncharted video game franchise. the story unfolds with guns blazing, Berbers riding, a damsel to be rescued, and French Foreign Legion troops to hide out from.

It’s a great tale and well worth your time. Also in this edition is a bonus short story involving a crew of Legionnaires out to rescue their commander.

Black Sultan

I’m a huge fan of L. Ron Hubbard’s fiction works, so I was very pleased when Galaxy Press re-released a huge catalog of his early short stories and novellas. I’ve been reading or listening to them for years and just got in a whole new box of the audiobooks.

Although they’re available in both print and audio form, I usually opt for the audio versions. When I’m travelling to my next conference event where I’m speaking on zombies or mountain climbing or putting miles on the road on the way to my next climbing adventure I love to pass the time with a good book. Sometimes non-fiction audio puts me to sleep, but a good fiction book is an enjoyable way to pass the time.

One thing I love about the Galaxy Press editions of Hubbard’s books is that they’re well done. You know how most audio versions of fiction books only feature one voice actor and no sound effects. That always bugs me a bit, especially when the person doing the voice is not the same gender as the character in the book. Well, these are just the opposite. Various actors do the voices. There’s also sound effects and background music. They make you feel like you’re sitting by a campfire listening to an old radio theatre broadcast.

The stories also focus on adventure, romance, and suspense. Check out the catalog for yourself to see what you like best. I like the variety personally and will go from an adventure story to a detective tale or something else. I like the style of writing also. I was raised as a wee lad on books by Robert E. Howard and Edgar Rice Burroughs and the Indiana Jones movies. If you like any of those, you’ll surely enjoy these as well. Books like this stoke my own desire for adventure and excitement in life

I would highly recommend the book as a great listen. If you have kids riding with you in the car, I would rate this one as okay for them as well.

L Ron Hubbard-Navy

As an aside, I know that when some of you see L. Ron Hubbard’s name, all you can think of is his religious influences. If that’s a worry for you, rest assured that that is not an issue in these books. Hubbard was quite an adventurer throughout his life and these books were written well before that phase. Because of his adventurous lifestyle, you can feel a sense of authenticity in the stories that you don’t get from a lot of writers.

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!


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Galaxy Press


What are You Built of?

I wanted to post the small article snippet below because of the first sentence.

Built from Different Materials

It leads me to ask you…what are you built of that makes you different from others?

I urge you to discover that uniqueness. That’s where we’ll find the adventure that you need to be on in life. Remember, it doesn’t have to be arctic windsurfing or anything like that, but we all have an adventure out there that needs to be undertaken.

I’d love to help find it, so get in touch if you’d like to work together.

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Let the Little Kid Inside You Out to Play

Watch the short video below. It’s under two minutes. Do it with no distractions. No working while you watch it. No noise. Just you and the video.

Now picture your inner child. The one that wants to get out and play. To explore. To adventure all over the place.

Now, let that kid out.

Greatness awaits!

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Taking the Adventure Indoors with Breakout Games

I’m a smart guy. I watch Sherlock. I not only have a collection of Sherlock Holmes books but also quite a few on critical thinking as well. I’ve had to think my way out of situations where others died.

I thought I was ready for Breakout Chattanooga.


My wife bought me a pass for 4 people to Breakout Chattanooga for my birthday. It’s a place where, in their words, you step into a real life escape room adventure and…

“work together as a team to escape the room before time runs out…You’ll solve puzzles, crack codes, find hidden items, and more in order to escape. You have one goal: escape the room in under one hour.”

My wife and I along with a friend and his wife signed up for the Island Escape experience and totally did not rock it. It was so hard! We’d never done anything like this before and went in pretty much completely unprepared. At least they were. I binge-watched Lost and Airplane vs. Volcano to get ready, so I was way ahead of the game.

But my point, and the point of my popular keynote lecture on adventure, is this…You don’t have to climb Everest to find adventure. Adventure is to be found by simply stepping outside of your normal routines. So, if you ever get the chance to experience Breakout at any of their locations, check out a murder mystery theater, or anything of the kind then go for it!

Don’t worry about feeling stupid (we did several times).

Don’t worry about not winning (it’s debatable if we opened the door in time or not, hence the question mark on our sign).


Don’t worry about anything other than the fact that you need some adventure in your life.

Me…I climb mountains, dive with sharks, and get shot at regularly. Those are adventures. But you know what, don’t discount safer things like this in your life. I’m already planning to go back and try out their Casino Royale mystery.

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Want to think like Sherlock Holmes?

What in the world is Airplane vs. Volcano?

How do I find a Breakout near me?

Be a Part of Something Bigger

I know that many of you need more adventure in your life. That many of you yearn for something bigger, something more. It could be because your job is slowly crushing your soul. It could that every time you see a picture in a magazine it first stirs your heart and then leaves you in a slobbering puddle of depression because you don’t think it’s possible.

I found this pic as I perused an issue of Overland Journal. This is the kind of thing that stirs me…packing my family into a capable vehicle and autotrekking into the unknown. The tagline about becoming part of a legend really gets me too.

Be a Part of the Legend-GoXVenture

Find that thing that stirs you, but don’t let it crush you. Let it inspire you instead.

If you need any help finding adventure- of any kind, in any life- just get in touch.

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

Unboxing the January 2016 Cairn Package

The Bible says that where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. By following the calling for our lives, we’re all about adventure, and we need good gear for that. Here’s one of the ways we get it.

If you check into signing up for Cairn as well, feel free to use me as a referral. My e-mail for that is Feel free to contact me there also if you want to add a little adventure to your own life or business.

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