Time for a Bathroom Drawer Dump

I see posts all the time on other blogs about seeing what people carry in their, pockets, bags, or cars. I thought I’d do one about the bathroom drawer. For a lot of people (my wife included), it’s just the bathroom version of the kitchen drawer, a catch-all for whatever doesn’t have it’s own place. I’m a bit more minimalist and also slightly OCD, so mine is different.

Here’s it is, with a rundown of what’s in there.

Bathroom Drawer

Old Spice Wolfthorn deodorant. I quit using anti-perspirant a long time ago and now only use deodorant.

Mountain Man Soap– Campfire scent. Mountain Man is the only soap I use. It’s artisan soap, hand-made in California by my friend Brett.

Beard Oil and Beard Batter from Roughneck Beard Company. This stuff keeps my beard tamed and in check. To do otherwise would endanger the earth.

Advocare Thermoplus. A little extra aid for my fitness program. It’s been referred to by some as liposuction in a bottle.

Other assorted random beauty and hygiene aids

The only things you can’t see are my bottles of niacin and a generic multivitamin.

How about yours? Post a pic and a description here or on my Facebook page.

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A Career Transition Story- Meet Former Marine Joshua Alexander

I’d like to introduce a friend and fellow Marine Joshua Alexander. I met Josh through the geeky pursuits that we share in common, like comics, beards, and kilts.

I wanted to tell you about Josh because I was intrigued by his efforts to go back to the military and further a career within the armed services. As we enter a post-war military and the drawdowns and budget crippling begins, you’ll hear more stories like his.

I also wanted to do my bets to put his name out there in case a job opportunity is just waiting for him from one of my readers. If anyone would like to get in touch with him, you can find him at jbalex26@gmail.com or on Facebook at Joshua Alexander.

And now, in Josh’s words…

Joshua Alexander-Marine

In high school, my brother Jeff joined the Army. He wanted to be an ELITE, so he became an Army Ranger. I didn’t understand what this meant. I looked up to my brother. I wanted to join the military because of his war stories and the brothers he fought for. He said, “Josh, what do you want to be?” I said, “I wanted to be an Apache Pilot and if I couldn’t fly, then I wanted to be a SEAL in the US Navy. He gave me tips, told me to swim, do good in school, and never leave a brother on the field, or a war veteran who is struggling.

My brother deployed to Afghanistan in 2001 and lost half of his unit in combat. He saw his brothers pass and got in trouble and was later discharged with a General other than Honorable. He got released due to misconduct. He sought help but couldn’t find it. He became addicted to alcohol and nicotine. I watched him struggle with his job, girlfriend, and his VA shut him down. He went to prison for five years and is now off parole seeking a better life. My brother is still a hero. He fought the good fight. He never left his brothers. He served his country with honor. He screwed up because there was no help. He asks, “What has my country done for me?”

Towards the end of high school I joined the Utah National Guard 19th Special Forces Support. My recruiter put me in for NBC (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Warfare). I was going to fix gas masks for Operators, go to jump school, speak a foreign language, grow a beard, build a country and don the John Wayne Green Beret. After 9 months of drill, the option to go to boot camp was upon me. During a career fair, a Marine recruiter approached me and said,” What do you want to be.” I said, I don’t know. I want to be like my brother, an SF Operator. I want to go where others wont. The Marine Corps said, “We have Force Recon and we have to get you out of the National Guard.” I said, Let’s go and, by the way, nice uniform Marine!

The marine recruiter and myself went to the national guard. My Army 1st Sgt said, ” What do you want to do Alexander, the choice is now!” Being impatient, I want to be a Marine. I choose the Marine Corps. During the rigors of the Marine Corps Delayed Entry Program, I trained hard. Never gave up and lived with my depressed brother. He motivated me with stories, the things I will see. He put check points in my life that I needed to achieve while in the Corps.

I took my ASVAB. I chose radio operator. It was the closest to Infantry. I went to boot camp in 2003. I came from San Diego not the Island. I pushed hard to pass, struggled with Marine Combat Training, and then to Comm School. I loved the radios and stories of air strikes. I learned what potential I could have. In boot camp, recon indoc happened. I should of raised my hand. I stepped into my unit and deployed to Iraq 2004. I was attached to an Army grunt unit and provided base security and patrolled every three days. I saw the enemy and never fired because America didn’t want us too. I did radio watch for 12 hrs a day and led good units back to base so they can call their families back home.

I came home and was attached the 24th MEU, the greatest group of Marines I ever worked with. We deployed to Beirut/Jordan/Dubai/Kuwait. We rescued over 12,000 Americans in Lebanon. Israel attacked Hezbolah and the Americans were evacuated. It was a good time. On this deployment, I became the Colonel’s personal radio operator and was awarded. I was completing my check mark my brother had set for me.

Well, I continued and ended my enlistment with 3rd Bn 9th Marines and we had a possible deployment to Afghanistan. I went to my career planner and I denied combat orders (I had 4 months left, family wanted me out, America was changing). I was given an re-entry code of RE-3C. I did not understand this code. I completed my enlistment and discharged Honorably. I walked out with a Good Conduct Medal, an Iraq Campaign Medal, and others. My brother would be proud…

Joshua Alexander-beard-Marine

I sat for a few weeks and I found a job doing construction. I couldn’t get a government job. I guess its for special people. My friend told me of a job in North Carolina. He said, “Have you heard of Blackwater USA.?” They are hiring Comm Controllers. I applied and got accepted. I trained hard yet again and shot more weapons than I did in the Marine Corps. The Operator dream was coming true. At the end, I was cut because they lost my paper work and they said that my radio operator job was not a combat MOS. Here is your $1000.00 check. Take care.

I went back to construction and the thought of depression and sadness built in. I worked construction for five years. I sat back and looked at my choices. I chose to go to school. In school, I wanted to be a nurse (too many applicants), a cop (one job available, 200 applicants), a veterinarian (too long for school). While applying to the nursing program, I called the Navy Officer Program and they told me NO because of my RE-3C. I was denied. I chose to be a Paramedic. I want to save lives or even combat rescue. I called the Air Force, they told me no tattoos. I called the Army, they said NO to RE-3C’s and his 1st Sgt said NO. The Coast Guard said no jobs available.

WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE LIKE THIS? I SERVED HONORABLY. I FOUGHT THE GOOD FIGHT! I EARNED IT! In addition, BORSTAR (Border Patrol Search and Rescue), no openings! The Border is open America. Close it for the Veterans. We would like to earn our dreams. We earned it. My friend in college, Josh Sams (Marine Corps Sniper) wounded in Afghanistan taking out the enemy. He wants to FIGHT AMERICA still! I want to still fight for him because of his story. I still want to serve my brothers. America has spoken, the answer is NO!

Today, I am 29. I own a beard and soon will shave it for my program. I know God has a job for me and even though the answer is NO, he will come back with a better YES. I have a beautiful wife and 2 kids and even though I cant be Special Forces, I’ll just be a Special Daddy Veteran Style. My children will learn of my check marks in life. 

In retrospect, I learned from a pro, swam like a SEAL, saw the Army SF, wore the dress blues, earned the title Marine, fought the fight, rescued the sick, got a 4.0. I will be the best PARAMEDIC THIS COUNTY HAS EVER SEEN. Veterans are special and by what I’ve seen, this country just covers them up. I’m ready to take this life on. “SO THAT OTHERS MAY LIVE!” I will don a Purple Beret!

 Once a Marine, Always a Marine. I WILL OPERATE even if the answer is NO!

 Cpl Joshua Alexander

RIP Sgt Kevin Balduf & Cpl Kyle Wilks

Beard Up!

Joshua Alexander-Marine-kilt-beard

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Reviewing the New 5.11 Tactical Catalog

I got my hands on a new copy of the 5.11 Tactical catalog when my new tactical kilt arrived. I thought I’d jump right on it and review it for you…in my own way.

Here’s the cover- guys, guns, blah blah blah. Let’s get on with the good stuff.


It’s nice to see a few beards in the catalog, but where’s the fierceness? These beards are a little lame, um, I meant tame (actually I didn’t).



Maybe a pic like this for the next catalog?


It’d be easy. They could show me traipsing around town with my 5.11 briefcase.


I need to get me one of these tactical gnome patches. My patch is cool, but he’s not in tactical mode.



As always, the tac vest is one of their best products, but I’d like to point out that I owned one back when 5.11 wasn’t even a company. Notice the Royal Robbins tags and button.



And lastly, they have some really sweet doorbusting toys in the catalog.


It’s not really new stuff though. My people have been making quality doorbusting toys for centuries…

Dr Berserker shirt

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Professional Bearding at Its Best

So, just what is a professional beardsmith? I’ll let you decide. I’d love to hear what you think.

While you ponder it, here’s some inspiration.

Check out the sweet red beard on this Wonder Woman cover. It reminds me of me.

Wonder Woman

I’m an old school Steelers fan from way back when Terry Bradshaw and Mean Joe Greene played. With beards like this though, it might be time to be a fan again.




Here’s a great entry from TC McCarthy’s book Germline.



And I’ll leave you with a sweet pic of me with my new beard notebook that my mom bought for me.


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GI Joe Rocking the Facial Hair

Here’s another collection of posts for you on GI Joes with facial hair.

On the flipside, I have some really great news for any Myrtle Beach SC area folks. A friend of mine is organizing a local Cobra cosplay group. I’ve seen his logos and patches and they are awesome! I’ll keep you updated with any new developments.

And now for the parade of hair…







Gung Ho


Heavy Metal




HERE is the previous link with other Joes.

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The Following Season 2 Gets Beardworthy

I enjoyed watching the first season of The Following, even if the police technical advisor was apparently smoking crack while he worked on it. I’m glad to see that season 2 comes due soon and is now sporting a beard. Season one is on instant play on Netflix.

Following Beard001

There’s a nice beard on the cover of Green Arrow 25. If you’ve missed any of Batman’s Zero Year saga, it’s pretty good. You could try rounding up all the loose issues, but it’d be easier and cheaper just to nab the trade paperback once it comes out.

Green Arrow 25_Beard

I know the answer to how to pull off a 10 day beard. The answer is that you quit pretending that 10 days makes a beard and you grow a real one.

10 day Beard001

My son drew this for me. Apparently, the aliens want me for my beard.

Aliens Want the Beard_BKP001

I’m not sure which is worse, the bank robbery or the improper use of facial hair.

Bank Robber Fake Facial Hair001

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