Your Slide Show Sucks

I overheard this conversation yesterday between two people at a Chamber of Commerce meeting…

“Do we have a projector?”

“No, but maybe one will show up.”

“It’s alright. I can do it without one. My slides are pretty forgettable anyway.”

Have you ever had this thought about your own lecture, presentation, or slide show? Is your Powerpoint Fu really weak? If so…if you’ve ever thought about any portion of it as ‘forgettable’…then you should probably rethink what you’re doing.

Get rid of the slide show or make it remarkable.

Change your presentation around.

Add some great personal stories.

Make it UNforgettable.

How do you do that?

A good friend of mine, Ryan McRae of ADHD Nerd, tuned me onto the book Presentation Zen a few years back, and it reshaped the way I do my presentations. It’s become a core part of the breakout Ninja Skills for Great Presentations that I offer with my keynote lectures for conferences.

Whether you learn from me, a book, or my friend Ryan, find a way to make the audience remember you.


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What in the world is an ADHD Nerd?

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Taking the Adventure Indoors with Breakout Games

I’m a smart guy. I watch Sherlock. I not only have a collection of Sherlock Holmes books but also quite a few on critical thinking as well. I’ve had to think my way out of situations where others died.

I thought I was ready for Breakout Chattanooga.


My wife bought me a pass for 4 people to Breakout Chattanooga for my birthday. It’s a place where, in their words, you step into a real life escape room adventure and…

“work together as a team to escape the room before time runs out…You’ll solve puzzles, crack codes, find hidden items, and more in order to escape. You have one goal: escape the room in under one hour.”

My wife and I along with a friend and his wife signed up for the Island Escape experience and totally did not rock it. It was so hard! We’d never done anything like this before and went in pretty much completely unprepared. At least they were. I binge-watched Lost and Airplane vs. Volcano to get ready, so I was way ahead of the game.

But my point, and the point of my popular keynote lecture on adventure, is this…You don’t have to climb Everest to find adventure. Adventure is to be found by simply stepping outside of your normal routines. So, if you ever get the chance to experience Breakout at any of their locations, check out a murder mystery theater, or anything of the kind then go for it!

Don’t worry about feeling stupid (we did several times).

Don’t worry about not winning (it’s debatable if we opened the door in time or not, hence the question mark on our sign).


Don’t worry about anything other than the fact that you need some adventure in your life.

Me…I climb mountains, dive with sharks, and get shot at regularly. Those are adventures. But you know what, don’t discount safer things like this in your life. I’m already planning to go back and try out their Casino Royale mystery.

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!


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