Creating a Countdown Clock to…

Chris Guillebeau, world famous traveler, best selling author, and guy I’ve met (yeah, I’m totally name-dropping here) posted recently about creating countdown clocks to foster a sense of urgency and awareness for a goal.

I really liked the idea. You can read his blog HERE. It also has a cool story about Chris’s dad.

Oh, I’m not just name-dropping. Here’s a picture of me and Chris together. I guess that means I’m picture-dropping too.

Chris Guillebeau

Right now, my family is living in an apartment in Chattanooga TN. It’s a tiny three bedroom apartment that has me, my wife, four kids in it. Not only that, but we homeschool there, and I also have a home office. We’re just here until we find an area of town where we want to buy land and build a house once we save up some money. There are some perks like a pool and other kids for mine to play with, but I really hate apartment living.

So, I created a countdown calendar for our time to escape this place for a better one (ooh, that sounds ominous). That’s my calendar below. It’s tacked on the wall right beside the main door. You can’t miss it, and that’s the point.

Apartment Countdown Calendar

If you have something you’re planning, dreaming about, or just want to get done, then a countdown calendar might work for you. You can create a big physical one like mine, get a digital app one for your phone or computer, or even get really uber fancy with a crafty one. Either way, no matter what you do, give it a try and see if it helps. Check out the links below for places to find different countdown clocks.


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