Roaming Again in Connecticut

I was invited back again to the Connecticut EMS Expo at the Mohegan Sun resort. I presented lectures ranging from Zombies and Infection Control all the way over to A Futurist Look at EMS. I had a great time at the expo and casino. I had the opportunity to see a few old friends again and also make some new ones, including the Nightwatch crew below. It’s nice seeing a beard and some tattoos on an EMS crew, especially Holly, who’s pretty cool (Even though you missed my zombie class Holly!).

Nightwatch-Holly-CT-EMSHere’s our view of the Thames River from the hotel room. You can’t beat waking up to this every morning.

20150529_125224 Once again we ate way too much. It seems like every eatery in the resort serves double portions. I tried my best to keep up.

Hash House-Mohegan Sun

Fresh off the airplane we drove over to the Old State House in downtown Hartford CT to see the Joseph Steward Museum of Curiosities. It’s small but well worth the price of admission and time involved. Be sure to ask for your AAA discount. There was actually a lot more at the State House than I expected and we ended up spending several hours there.

Joseph Steward Museum of Curiosities

PT Barnum-chair-Hartford

Possibly our new favorite place in CT is the Gillette Castle State Park. This was the home of William Gillette, the actor who defined the modern portrayal of Sherlock Holmes with his cap, pipe, violin, and hypodermic needle. It was a pretty awesome place and, to me, a must stop spot in CT.

The riverside photo below is the remains of Gillette’s old houseboat that burned. It’s easy to find. You can park at the ferry below the castle or even walk a trail from the castle down to the river.

Gillette Castle-CT

Gillette Castle-CT-2



A place I would highly recommend you avoid in CT is the city of Bridgeport. Everything about Bridgeport is pretty sketchy, and most of the downtown resembles a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The Barnum Museum is located there, but is closed most of the time and not worth the trip.


We climbed Mt. Tom to see the tower at the summit. You can ascend right up onto the top deck of the tower.

Mt Tom-CT

Then we visited Sleeping Giant State Park and the small castle at the summit of Mt. Carmel.

Sleeping Giant State Park-CT

There are way more photographs and reviews of places I visited than I could put in the blog. Be sure to check out my Facebook page for the pics. If we’re not FB friends yet, why not?

I’m also doing more work for Trip Advisor, so you can see my reviews of places visited, including hotels and eateries on there. You can find my TA account HERE.

I also do coffee shop crawls anytime I travel for another business venture of mine The Coffee Scholar. Check out the CT Coffee Crawl on that site.

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