What can a Little Girl and a Rhodesian Ridgeback Dog Teach You about Creativity?

I attended a Coaching with Excellence event last week at Dan Miller’s Sanctuary. I’ve been to multiple events there, and they just keep getting better and better. As a matter of fact, Dan and his team are moving so fast and furious that you could attend the same event two years in a row, and it will have already improved with new material.


I’ve known Dan for so long that this old photo was taken in what I like to call the ‘David Pre-Beard Era’.

DWP and Dan Miller

While I was there, Dan spoke about a new book his wife and granddaughter wrote together called What If It Were Possible? Dan related how the idea of the book came about as his wife Joanne challenged their granddaughter by asking, “What if it were possible for a dog to chase a squirrel up a tree?”

I had the opportunity to meet Joanne’s co-author on this book at the conference. Clara Isabel Logsdon is a remarkable young lady and sure to be a powerhouse of creativity to match her grandpa someday. During the entire conference she roamed the grounds at the Sanctuary snapping photos, playing on a zipline, taking notes during classes, and roaming around everywhere barefoot. I think she has Tarzan feet!


As Dan says, problems are just opportunities, and it’s true. Guess what? Some dogs can run up trees and chase squirrels. My dream dog can do this. By dream dog, I mean to say the dog I hope to find once I have some land for him to roam on. My dream dog is a Rhodesian Ridgeback, and they’re known to climb trees and love sitting up off the ground. Oftentimes they’ll sleep on top of their doghouses instead of in them.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks were bred to live and hunt in Africa and, because of this, developed the ability to climb to either escape from predators or hunt their prey. That’s not the only reason I want one, but it sure is pretty cool. They’re even brave enough to defend their owners and livestock from lions.

So guess what, Miss Clara Isabel Logsdon, dogs can climb trees and chase squirrels on their own turf. If a dog can make the impossible possible, just imagine what you can do!

Rhodesian Ridgeback-tree

Rhodesian Ridgeback-tree-2

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