Do Not Trust the Military with Guns

It’s a weird statement, right? Don’t trust the military with guns.

Although it’s an easy subject to politicize, I want you to try to read the rest of this post and put your politics aside. I want you to think about what you’re reading from the point-of-view of simple logic. Ask yourself if what people are saying makes sense.

I moved to Chattanooga TN days before the shooting event that occurred at two area military centers. Five brave military men were killed. They were unarmed at the time, so obviously the debate immediately began regarding the question of arming members of our military.

  • Should they be armed on US soil?
  • Do they even need to be armed at all?
  • Why aren’t they armed?
  • Why aren’t they protected if they’re not armed?

Despite your opinions on those questions and the event itself, I want you to really think about this next part. The following is a direct quote from the newspaper…

“But others have raised concerns about arming soldiers, citing issues ranging from accidents to mental illness, PTSD and workplace violence.”

Seriously? People, including those high up at the Pentagon are nervous about arming soldiers. Does this even make sense? Doesn’t the word soldier pretty much imply armed?

They’re afraid of handing handguns to soldiers who are…

  • Trained to use them
  •  Required to qualify with them annually
  • Often carry much larger weapons
  • Often use and control massive weapon systems

If you can’t arm soldiers, then what can you do? Can you even call it an ‘Army’?

Do you run into this at work or in your own life? People don’t trust you with simple things, simple machinery, simple tasks, or simple responsibilities? Even if it’s necessary for your job? Even if you’re asking for it?

What do you do?

One of the Naval officers fired back using a weapon he was not supposed to have on the property and likely saved lives. What rules are you willing to break at work to do the work that is needed?

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