Wrapping Up 2014 with a Bang!

Here we go with a recap of the past year for your viewing enjoyment…

Instead of really starting any completely new streams of income, I repurposed a lot of my information products and books so that they’re sold on multiple platforms. The majority of my income in that area comes from Amazon and Fiverr.

Here’s one of my new books that will be coming out this year…

marriage-relationship-Dr. Powers

I consumed (i.e. read) 35 books. This is about the same as last year. I’m still trying to enjoy and remember my reading more and not just reading for the sake of logging another completed book. In 2011 I read over 100 books, but felt that I lost something in the recall. I’ve been reading Antifragile by Nassim Taleb for the entire year. I’ve actually started it over twice. It’s heavy stuff and worth learning.

I was out of town for fun or business for 40 days in 6 states. No out of country trips though. I’d still love to travel more. I did manage to climb 2 new highpoints in Connecticutt and Rhode Island.


Only played golf 5 times, which is pitiful. My average score is still 108. I’m still working to get to the point where my average score is below 100. Playing more would certainly help with that.

Spoke publicly 134 times, which broke down mostly into churches, corporate training and colleges. This also included 2 weddings, 1 funeral, and 1 baptism. I attended or spoke at the Connecticut EMS Expo, the Greenville SC Homeschool Conference, TEDxCharleston, X-Con, the Midlands Homeschool Conference, Dragoncon, North Carolina Emergency Medicine Today, the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce Human Resources Conference, and the South Carolina Banker’s Association Human Resources Conference in addition to other venues.

I ate out 181 times (about 15 times a month).

I imbibed 229 cups of coffee and 290 soft drinks. I’d like to see an inverse relationship there as the coffee goes up and the soft drinks go down. Either way, the soda numbers need to drop. Me being a coffee expert, people might question why so few cups of coffee. The thing is, I drink it with a purpose. My mom consumes about 20 cups a day, but I’m not sure she actually tastes anything.

Dr. David Powers-Cappucino-coffee

Wrote over 163 blog posts, which is half of last year’s tally, but it was an area I needed to cut back on. Blog views were just under 30,000. I expected some slowdown in this area as my new team split up my main blog into several different areas to focus on niches instead of a general lifestyle thing. Check out my website if you’d like to see the links for the other blogs. Views will go up this year as we capitalize on marketing those blogs.

I worked out 250 times, an increase over the previous year. This resulted in a weight loss of 17 pounds. In addition, on the physical side, I biked 407.43 miles, swam 7.98 miles, and kayaked 20 miles.

kayak-Murrells Inlet

What big strides did you make this year?

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!

Somethin’ for Nothin’ from The Toastmasters

Let me set up some background on this one. For those of you that don’t know me personally, I’m a professional speaker. In other words, a portion of my living that provides food for my table, toys for my kids, and golf balls to hit people’s houses with comes from speaking fees. I incur this in several ways. The majority of it comes from lectures delivered at conferences. Other parts come from teaching workshops and university classes.

To help my mom with her fear of public speaking I talked her into joining a Toastmasters group with me. It’s great fun. I enjoy seeing my mom break out of her shell speaking in front of people, and it’s great practice for me. I often practice new speeches in front of my local group before I debut them in front of a large audience.

Our group has a state competition every year and they ask for presenters to assist at the conference. Here’s the specs straight from the Call for Presentations…

                        Speaker Fees:  We look for contributors who are willing to share their expertise without expectation of payment in the spirit of networking and contributing to the Toastmasters community throughout the district.

                        Travel expenses:  Travel to and from the conference location, including hotel lodging, meals, etc. will be your responsibility.

                        Conference Registration:  Conference registration fees will not be waived for presenters. All presenters must register to attend the conference.

I’ll sum it up for you. “Don’t expect payment. Get here on your own. Pay us for the privilege of being here.”

Wow! I’m not sure if this makes as much an impression on you as me, but it bothers me a bit. Bear in mind that this is an organization whose purpose is to further the act of public speaking around the world. They do a great job at that, so it seems odd that they would then turn around and make the point that one should not attempt to make a living from it.

I don’t know. Maybe it’s just me. It just irks me a bit when people are over-asked to give away their talents and skills.

Standard behavior at other conferences I’ve spoken at usually includes the following- pay for speaking, travel expenses covered, and free registration at all conference functions.  It’s just professional courtesy, and I would expect more from a professional organization.

Disclaimer- In case you’re wondering, I’m not just writing this because they wouldn’t let me speak. I promise.