Mary Jane Watson Loves Coffee but Not Starbucks Refreshers

It’s time for another pop culture coffee update.

Here’s a lovely Spider-Man comic cover that shows Mary Jane Watson enjoying a cup of brew and a model replicating the same cover. I thought this was a phenomenal re-creation of the image, and the addition of the Doctor Who magazine in the model shoot only adds to the shot. I saw this pic going gangbusters among my cosplay friends on Facebook. The model is Stacey Rebecca. I only know her through liking her Facebook modeling page, but she does phenomenal work. If you notice, even the swirl in the coffee is the same. The best I can tell, the credit for the pic goes to Paranoid Android Films.

I finally got to reading the latest Walking Dead trade paperback 16 and snatched a little coffee scene from it. Please don’t spill your coffee when you turen sideways to read it!

At this year’s XCon here in Myrtle Beach SC I picked up a few back issues of S.W.O.R.D. Here’s a coffee-centric couple of pages from the first issue.

And here’s a coffee scene in a Starman/Congorilla comic courtesy of DC Comics.

And at least one non-comic book addition. I pulled this chart from a magazine. I thought it was an interesting analysis of Starbucks’ new foray into Costa Rica. On a side note, I’ve tried both flavors of their new Refreshers drink based on green coffee extract. Both are very good, although I enjoyed the berry flavor best. Despite the excellent flavor, like many Starbucks products, the good flavor just doesn’t justify the exorbitant price tag at almost $4 for a drink full of ice.