Why Doesn’t Starbucks Use Square?

I don’t know if everyone heard about it, but this week Starbucks had a near global complete meltdown over their cash register system. There were rumors of rioting in the Baltimore area stores and…gasp…some places even gave away free coffee since they couldn’t ring it up. You can read all about it HERE.

Now, the thing I’m not hearing anyone talk about is the hypocrisy Starbucks is running into by even allowing the catastrophe to happen. Let me explain.

At my local Starbucks up front at the register where they sell CD’s, gift cards, and the Kind bars they’ve gotten me hooked on, they also have a display for Square. If you’re not familiar with Square, it’s a credit card scanner that hooks into a cell phone and enables anyone to run cards and start a business. Square revolutionized the credit card processing business. I use Square for all of my businesses. My wife even uses Square to run cards when we have garage sales.


Here’s the hypocrisy…

  • Starbucks experienced a computer glitch that shut  down all of their cash registers.
  • This one event likely cost them millions.
  • In front of every cash register was a Square device that would have saved them.

Here’s all it would have taken.

Starbucks would need employees and managers empowered to take action on behalf of the company or the customer. A manager could’ve reached across the counter, grabbed a Square, set up an account on her phone, charged customers half price for the longer wait, and then let corporate work out the details afterward.

Starbucks could still put systems in place to use Square in such a manner as a backup. It’s just so easy and so simple that no one thought of it or was allowed to do it. Instead, Starbucks ran headlong into another embarrassing incident, an odd follow-up to their failed racial awareness campaign.

Strabucks-Race Together-Discrimination

Solutions like this are what I do for a living. I help companies and people come explore unique solutions to ordinary problems, even intractable ones. Check me out. Maybe I can help you too.

If you’re not using Square, maybe you should be. HERE is a referral code for them. Sign up HERE and both of us get free processing for a bit.

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!

Is Starbucks Blatant Consumerism or Tasty Goodness?

I stopped in at my local Surfside Starbucks today for a Shaken Iced Peach Green Tea Lemonade. It was then that I experienced an existential crisis.

This morning I watched a video by Don Miller talking about Consumerism. It was a segment from a study we’re getting ready to do at The Pilgrimage based on his movie Blue Like Jazz. My viewing ended up being more than simple sermon prep. It made me think about my day. Am I buying things simply because the marketing tells me to?

Starbucks sent me an e-mail the other day about this drink. I’ve been craving one ever since. Was I propagandized by the marketing or making my own choices independant of their influence?

Summer Tea

Thankfully I managed to settle my crisis and enjoy the beverage. Here’s how…

It’s hot outside, probably close to 90 degrees and the humidity is so thick, you can swim through it.

I’m thirsty.

The drink is cold and tasty.

I had enough cash in my pocket to pay for it.

If someone wanted me to get my caffeine on somewhere other than the corporate behemoth, then they need to open up a decent coffee shop on my end of town.

Whether I was influenced by the marketing or not, I’m gonna go on record and say that I really enjoyed the drink, and I’m glad I got it. It’s good that you think about your buying decisions, but sometimes you just need to buy and drink up.

This message was written by Dr. David Powers. You can always find me at www.drdavidpowers.com. Thanks for reading!

You’d Be Faster and Smarter If You Drank More Coffee

Here’s one of my favorite parts of the week, the Wednesday coffee post.

I don’t really know of any reason good enough to throw an espresso. What a waste!

Wonder Man 13001

I checked out an issue of the comic Too Much Coffee Man. It’s kinda weird, but, hey, it’s all about the coffee lifestyle.

Too Much Coffee Man001

Too Much Coffee Man002

I don’t know how many times I have to say it. PLease DO NOT mention coffee in any ad that also features any type of animal or human poo!

Tidy Cats Espresso007

Arrgghh! Why are you spilling the coffee?

The Call of Duty 2001

I want the coffee robot. That’s all I can say about this. I want one!

Tassimo Brewbot006

I love this! Having a Starbucks nearby raises home values. Forget good schools. If you’re selling your house, advertise the nearby Starbucks.

Starbucks Increases Home Values002



Special Offer- Top Ten Ways to Not Screw Up Your Life

I don’t talk business here much, at least in the way of ‘here’s me, here’s what I do, hire me’. That’s what my website is for. Mostly I just like to talk about how much fun and interesting my life is. It’s a mix of pure awesomeness and the search for even more awesomeness. My blog is more about my lifestyle than how I make my quan, although the two go pretty much hand in hand. An experience at my local Starbucks hangout this morning kind of spoke to me on this level though. That’s why today’s post may seem more on the business side of things.

I was supposed to meet a friend at Starbucks this morning. I thought she was a no show, so I stayed for about a half an hour reading and enjoying the out-of-office time. Turns out she’d sent me a message that she wouldn’t make it. Even so, the failed meeting did turn into a blessing. At the register I met a young lady who seemed to be having some problems with her ‘maybe-about-to-be-fiance’. She was talking to the cashier about her problems when she just turned around and started asking me too. She didn’t know either of us, but was obviously at a point where she needed to talk to someone.

I talked to her a little and told her I worked as a counselor. She asked for a card and, at least three times, said, “This meeting today was meant to be.”


So, here’s my offer for you. I do a lot of my counseling appointments out of the office, usually over food or beverage. People relax better that way. I’d like to do that more. My offer to you is a special rate if you contact me soon for a one hour counseling session at one of my local hangouts (or my office if you prefer) for $50. It can be a big issue, a brainstorming session, or just someone to talk to in a confidential way. Relationship, work/life, finances…whatever you need.

My normal hourly rates are $200 per hour, so this is a significant break on that. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy making quan, but I realized today with that young lady that a lot of people could use some help that can’t afford my normal rates. It’d be nice to be able to help young folks in the early relationship phase before they end up in unhappy marriages or worse.

For my nomadic friends who travel constantly or live out of my area (Myrtle Beach SC), I’ll make the same offer to you. We can do the talking by phone, Skype, chat, whatever way you feel most comfortable. We can still share coffee, at least digitally speaking.

As promised in my headline, here are my Top Ten Ways to Not Screw Up Your Life…

  1. Enjoy a multi-hour meal with friends or family at least once a month.
  2. Give to your church or charity, at least 10% of what you make.
  3. Pick a relationship that’s gone wrong in some way and fix it.
  4. Ask for help when you need it.
  5. Stay out of debt.
  6. Read at least one book a month.
  7. Exercise at least three times a week.
  8. Quit drinking soft drinks.
  9. Drink more coffee and tea.
  10. Find someone in your life that you can help.

Can You Snort Coffee?

I’m pretty sure you can snort coffee. People snort worse things than that. The vascularity of the interior nasal passages allows anything snorted to be rapidly absorbed into the system, so I guess it would be a good way to get some quick caffeine. You’d lose the coffee taste though. So, I guess the moral of this question is that you can snort coffee, but you shouldn’t.

Now that we’ve answered that, here’s your coffee postings for this week.

Zits_no room for coffee_10.18.12

Too Much Coffee See Double_Catwoman 36001

I’m thinking if Oracle is seeing double, then that means she can get more work done for Batman.

Here’s a great pic from season 1, episode 19 of Til Death titled The Coffeemaker. Great episode. One of the good ones before the show melted down.

Til Death_1.19_The Coffeemaker

I like this Starbucks ad. Everyone loves smooth-talking coffee.

Starbucks Smooth Talking Coffee001

Pearls Before Swine_rude coffeeshop_10.18.12

I always wondered where the nasty non-dairy creamer stuff came from. Did you know it was also highly flammable?

Non Dairy Cows009

Hide Your Sanctum Sanctorum with a Starbucks

Apparently the best way for Dr. Strange, the Sorcerer Supreme, to hide his Sanctum Sanctorum for both the general public and the Hulk soldiers is to disguise it as yet another Starbucks location. They’re everywhere so it’s virtually unnoticable. As long as it stays under construction, no one will bother him.

In real life there are actually 9 Starbucks already located in that general vicinity in case you wanted to know. I used a Starbucks locator spell for that little nugget.

The pic is from World War Hulk issue 3 from 2007. My thanks to Marvel Comics for a great storyline!

Patricia Cornwell Rocks the Coffee and Murder

I just finished reading The Front by Patricia Cornwell. May aunt Susie sent it to me for Christmas. That’s one of the things we share in common. We’ve always been quick to read and comment to each other about Pat C’s books. I have to admit that I haven’t been very pleased with her latest entries into the realm of forensic fiction. It just seems like Dr. Scarpetta has become a tired old woman and Lucy, formerly the hottest thing in the books, has become a freak.

The Front follows a different set of characters, so I found myself falling into it easier, and I have to admit, I actually enjoyed it. Most of all, though, in my current state of coffee-centric madness I noticed the wonderful use of coffee as a character development tool right away. Any book that opens with a latte as a supporting character has to be alright.

By page 2 a Starbucks product made its appearance…

“Get her a coffee. Starbucks. Latte with skim milk and Splenda. Wait for her outside…”

And it goes on from there to murder, sex, intrigue, arson, you name it.

If you like mysteries, Cornwell, or cop dramas, it’s a good read. I’d recommend it.