Tactical Gear for Women?

I just received an e-mail from 5.11, a company that specializes in tactical gear and clothing. They’re a trusted supplier, and I’ve used much of their gear over the years. It’s good stuff and comes in all the basic man-colors like coyote brown, olive drab, and various camo patterns. The e-mail I received yesterday was about their line of tactical clothing for women.

Tactical clothing for women has long been a problem in the armed services, both military and civilian. It’s good that 5.11 is setting the bar for it. In the past, most tactical clothing for women has been poorly modified men’s clothing or they had nothing at all available. It didn’t fit right over the hips and made no room for the mammary glands, among other problems. This was made even worse with body armor, which not only proved uncomfortable, but could also cause long-lasting cumulative use injuries.

A problem though. I had two thoughts when I received the e-mail…
1. A nice one. This is some sexy clothing, suited for modern shieldmaidens.
2. A mean one. MOST women I’ve known in tactical environments or EMS were better suited for men’s clothing.
Now, I’m sure I just made a lot of people mad. If I did, and you think I’m wrong, prove it. Comment back. Send pics of feminine females in public safety or the military. I know they’re out there. It’s just that they’re such a distinct minority that we never see them, except on television where they have to be pretty to get the role.
Just to play devil’s advocate, here’s a pic of me with a very pretty young lady I served with. Very pretty despite the masculine clothing.
family pics 154

Here’s another one. This young lady with an old friend of mine is in the Air Force.

Marine pics, Texas 011

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