Be a Part of Something Bigger

I know that many of you need more adventure in your life. That many of you yearn for something bigger, something more. It could be because your job is slowly crushing your soul. It could that every time you see a picture in a magazine it first stirs your heart and then leaves you in a slobbering puddle of depression because you don’t think it’s possible.

I found this pic as I perused an issue of Overland Journal. This is the kind of thing that stirs me…packing my family into a capable vehicle and autotrekking into the unknown. The tagline about becoming part of a legend really gets me too.

Be a Part of the Legend-GoXVenture

Find that thing that stirs you, but don’t let it crush you. Let it inspire you instead.

If you need any help finding adventure- of any kind, in any life- just get in touch.

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Wrapping Up 2014 with a Bang!

Here we go with a recap of the past year for your viewing enjoyment…

Instead of really starting any completely new streams of income, I repurposed a lot of my information products and books so that they’re sold on multiple platforms. The majority of my income in that area comes from Amazon and Fiverr.

Here’s one of my new books that will be coming out this year…

marriage-relationship-Dr. Powers

I consumed (i.e. read) 35 books. This is about the same as last year. I’m still trying to enjoy and remember my reading more and not just reading for the sake of logging another completed book. In 2011 I read over 100 books, but felt that I lost something in the recall. I’ve been reading Antifragile by Nassim Taleb for the entire year. I’ve actually started it over twice. It’s heavy stuff and worth learning.

I was out of town for fun or business for 40 days in 6 states. No out of country trips though. I’d still love to travel more. I did manage to climb 2 new highpoints in Connecticutt and Rhode Island.


Only played golf 5 times, which is pitiful. My average score is still 108. I’m still working to get to the point where my average score is below 100. Playing more would certainly help with that.

Spoke publicly 134 times, which broke down mostly into churches, corporate training and colleges. This also included 2 weddings, 1 funeral, and 1 baptism. I attended or spoke at the Connecticut EMS Expo, the Greenville SC Homeschool Conference, TEDxCharleston, X-Con, the Midlands Homeschool Conference, Dragoncon, North Carolina Emergency Medicine Today, the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce Human Resources Conference, and the South Carolina Banker’s Association Human Resources Conference in addition to other venues.

I ate out 181 times (about 15 times a month).

I imbibed 229 cups of coffee and 290 soft drinks. I’d like to see an inverse relationship there as the coffee goes up and the soft drinks go down. Either way, the soda numbers need to drop. Me being a coffee expert, people might question why so few cups of coffee. The thing is, I drink it with a purpose. My mom consumes about 20 cups a day, but I’m not sure she actually tastes anything.

Dr. David Powers-Cappucino-coffee

Wrote over 163 blog posts, which is half of last year’s tally, but it was an area I needed to cut back on. Blog views were just under 30,000. I expected some slowdown in this area as my new team split up my main blog into several different areas to focus on niches instead of a general lifestyle thing. Check out my website if you’d like to see the links for the other blogs. Views will go up this year as we capitalize on marketing those blogs.

I worked out 250 times, an increase over the previous year. This resulted in a weight loss of 17 pounds. In addition, on the physical side, I biked 407.43 miles, swam 7.98 miles, and kayaked 20 miles.

kayak-Murrells Inlet

What big strides did you make this year?

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

I Hate Chris Guillebeau and His Wandering Ways

Not really. I am so excited that I’ve had the opportunity to read after Chris Guillebeau, to meet him, and to become an alumnus of the first two World Domination Summits. I often wonder how people got to know Chris. I met him through a blog post by Tim Ferriss, followed by a post about him by my friend Dan Miller, followed by sending him an e-mail and buying his first book The Art of Nonconformity.

I can tell you that he’s an awesome guy. If you meet him, he may seem kind of quiet and laid back, but there is so much going on with him that you just need to sit back and wait for the awesome to come out.

That’s why I hate him (sort of). He keeps challenging me. I just finished reading an advance copy of his new book The Happiness of Pursuit that came out today. It’s all about quests and the purposeful journeys we take in life. Chris’ last two books and manifesto were great, but, more than ever, this book is a call to action.

Chris Guillebeau-happiness of pursuit

One chapter in, I felt sad that I had no quest. Two chapters in, I decided that me and my boys would become ninjas. Three chapters in, I called a family meeting, and we all sat down and planned a round trip across North America. The rest of the book served as motivation and affirmation not only that I needed a quest, but that my choices were right.

Before I tell you about my quests, let me say that if you feel lost, aimless, or distracted in life, you need this book. Read it as therapy and be open to change.

My quest to become a ninja…

All of my adult life I’ve been involved in various martial arts beginning with hand-to-hand combat in the Marines all the way to my black belt in Oppido Dolens. But ever since I was a little kid watching all the uber-awesome ninja movies of the 1980’s, I’ve wanted to be a ninja. One of the questers in Chris’ book mentioned this same goal, and that’s what galvanized it for me.

I’m now studying ninjutsu under a 10th Dan practitioner of Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu and starting at the bottom as a 9th Kyu. My boys are also doing this with me. My goal for this quest is to test for my ninjutsu black belt within 3 years. I know it may seem fast, but my previous martial arts experience makes the experience a little easier. My boys’ goals are to achieve their ninjutsu black belts at the age of 18.


My quest to travel North America (again)…

I went on a three month journey across North America in 1999 before I got married and it was an experience I will never forget. I want my wife and kids to have the same experience. Our family quest is for me, my wife, and our 4 kids to travel across North America up to Alaska and back across.

So far, we’ve planned a rough route and a few of our stops, but we don’t have a formal date or budget for this one yet. Consider this one still in the planning stages. I even have it planned to stop in Portland to see Chris.

north america-road trip-drive

So, with all that said, what’s your quest? Not sure, go buy the book, and it’ll drive you in the right direction.

PS…what’s your favorite ninja movie of all time?

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Top Seven Things Wrong with the Airport

I’m on a trip right now way up in New England from my home in South Carolina. There’ll be a trip report later, but for now you are more than welcome to my musings about the airport section of the journey. Here we go…

  1. There’s a stupid goofy US Airways guy at the airport in Myrtle Beach SC that thinks he’s really funny but isn’t. I heard him one time telling some young women that their bags weighed too much and then proceed to sing “Money, Money, Money” while they stuffed things into their carry on.
  2. Yoga pants are apparently the unofficial uniform or air travel for women (and some men). I’m convinced most women should not wear them. At all. Period. Yoga pants are the dingy grey sweats of this decade.
  3. I staked out a spot at the top of the stairs and watched people. While I was there 85% of the people took the escalators, 10% took the elevator, and 5% came up the stairs. Thankfully, all of the people in the elevator were infirm, with strollers, or caregivers for either. Most of the people who used the escalator were healthy enough for the stairs or needed the stairs to be a little healthier.
  4. Hudson stores at the airport charge prices that feel like legalized rape because they have no competition and also…because they can.
  5. We need to go back to having pretty flight attendants. Old men do not make good attendants.
  6. You already know this, but the airlines will charge you for everything. Next on their price list is to charge you in the bathroom. Simply slide your credit card in slot after you make your deposit. #1 will be charged per fluid ounce and #2 charged per gram of fecal material.
  7. With those Youtube videos Southwest has set the bar really high for all the other airlines…and, so far, none are trying to hit the bar.

What crazy things have you noticed in the airports lately?

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Planning a Great Escape from the Normal-pocalypse

I absolutely love what I do.

I have a client right now who asked me to help plan the logistics for a great escape from the normal-pocalypse. They’re a lot like me, or at least like I was, which is even better.

  • Young family with several kids under the teen years
  • Stuck in a job that pays the bills but sucks the marrow from the soul
  • Experimenting with alternative educational methods for their kids

RV Turtle Ad

Their goals…

Move into a minimalist lifestyle

Transition to remote location work

Spend at least a year traveling North America by auto followed by a semi-nomadic lifestyle with frequent trips afterwards

Not be wealthy but have enough money to not worry about regular jobs unless they find something they want to do for a while

AK Hwy Mile 1

Right now we’re working through logistics on several fronts with a keen eye on affordability at every step.

  • Selling, gifting, or storing their belongings from the house to the kids’ toys
  • Outfitting an awesome road trip vehicle capable of transporting an entire family in relative comfort
  • Lining up remote work contracts and projects
  • Looking at places to visit on the road and the logistics of affordability with food, shelter, and fuel.

I gotta tell you, I’m having so much fun with this that I find myself planning a big trip for my own family.

If you could take a great escape for a year, where would you go? Would you roam or hunker down in one spot?

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My Personal Harajuku…I’m Stealing from Nathan Agin

I’ve known Nathan Agin for a while, but only digitally speaking. I followed his blog and commented often or spoke to him via e-mail. I finally had the chance to meet Nathan in Portland OR this year while we were both attending the first ever World Domination Summit. After meeting him and getting the chance to talk more, I’ve been following him much closer. I feel like we’re now friends following a similar path of intentional living, even if our particular pathways are different.

I just got through reading Nathan’s latest blog and it inspired me. Actually, his entire journey this summer has inspired me, but the latest blog made me finally get off my arse and take action.

As the title says, I’m going to steal Nathan’s idea and do it myself. I’m going to start charting more about what I do during the day so that I can be more intentional about my life. After all, how can I know what my body is doing and how I react to…whatever, if I never pay any actual attention to it. For example, do I function best on 8, 9, or 10 hours of sleep? What if I tried 4 hours?

Constant analysis is a similar process that Tim Ferriss used for his research for 4-Hour Body. I’m thinking, after looking at Nathan and Tim’s success in various areas of their lives, that if it worked for them, how could it be wrong for me?

Oh, about the stealing part in the title. I was really just trying to get your attention. I’m pretty sure Nathan wouldn’t mind me replicating his idea. He’s the kind of guy that puts things out there so everyone can change their lives for the better, his way of giving back to the world. If you do read his blog and like the idea and try it, just be sure to give him credit. Drop him a line as well and let him know of any success. I’m sure he’d love to hear it.


The 4-Hour Body: An Uncommon Guide to Rapid Fat-Loss, Incredible Sex, and Becoming Superhuman"".

The Art of Non-Conformity: Set Your Own Rules, Live the Life You Want, and Change the World"".

Philosophy of Packing…Short Mountain Climbing Trip

I took these photos as I packed for my trip to Portland and to climb Mt. Hood. Thought I’d throw a few tips your way and spread the love of playing the pack mule from time to time.

I had to take some extra sunglasses that offered more side protection than my regular shades. The glare from the snow and ice on the glacier will burn your eyes out really quick. Nothing worse than trying to descend a mountain while blind. I use Oakley’s for both. Instead of spending a few extra bucks on hard sunglasses cases just drop them into your water bottles for the trip. I filled the bottle with some other goodies that needed protecting as well, like my chocolate-covered coffee beans.

My wife bought me a bunch of vacuum space saver bags for Christmas one year. I love them. I pack as much crap as I can into them for the “headed to” part of the trip and dirty clothes for the “headed home” part. They save a lot of space by compressing your clothes and soft goods like summit flags. Because of the mountain climb I ended up packing a lot more than I would for a standard trip. For the ride home it seals in the smell of the dirty clothes without contaminating the rest of my suitcase with funkiness.

Don’t forget to pack any liquids in plastic baggies. I’m having a difficult time with soap right now. I like this camp soap for everything. My wife doesn’t. She says it works okay, but not as good as the real thing. Being a guy and a bit of a minimalist, I don’t understand why we can’t have one single solitary soap that’ll wash anything. Why do we need seperate soaps for our bodies, our hair, our clothes, our dishes, our cars, etc, etc?

My little dude fits perfectly inside my mountain pack. Don’t worry though, they wouldn’t let me ship him that way.

Had to pack the big duffel to hold my walking sticks and ice ax. Put the pointy end of the sticks and the axe blade inside inside the pack and then the pack in the duffel. This will keep them from tearing through the duffel in transit. I like to also multi-purpose my socks and wrap them over the ice ax blade to protect it and add more padding.

All sealed up and ready to go.

I checked both my regular suitcase and my gear duffel on the plane. I know some guys who also ship their gear to their destination hotel, especially if it’s heavy gear for rock climbing. With the new flat rate priority mail rates from the USPS, you can ship a crapload of carabiners and rope for cheaper than paying the baggage fees on the plane. Just be sure to call the hotel and make sure this is okay. I’ve not heard of one refuse it yet.

Recommended goodies…

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