Mix It Up Friday

Here’s a Friday mix up of digital awesomeness for you. I hope you enjoy. I hope you visually digest each and every nugget of this computer-y goodness and use it to make a difference in your life and the lives of others.

I love reading my medical journals at mealtime. The pics make for such interesting discussions. Mmmm…subcutaneous abcess.


Repurposed buildings are awesome! My dream house will be buying an old school or factory and turning it into a house on the inside.


This poll from an EMS magazine gave me pause. The screwdriver you see on the right is framed in my office. A psych patient tried to stab me with it. I dodged. She went down. Nothing worse than a nasty rusty screwdriver in your chest.


I came across this in the Storybranding book I read. Tree Neutral sounds like a neat program.