Kicking Around Some Baby Names

Well, with the new baby on the way I’m already kicking around potential names. Not knowing if it’s a boy or a girl at this point actually makes that more interesting.

Here’s one I’m thinking about that would work for either gender…

Lil Ass Kicker

Hey, if it’s good enough for Daryl Dixon, it should work for my kid too, right?

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My First Movie and I Get to be a Zombie Fighting Bad Guy!

I got my first movie gig, which I talked about once before HERE. Well, guess what, the trailer is out. It’s posted below, so feel free to watch it over and over and be sure to contribute bags of money to the Kickstarter for it. I’m betting if you offer enough money, the director will let you be one of the zombies that eats me.

Check it out…

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

last of our days-zombies-walking dead-david powers

Movie Auditions at My Office Next Week!

You guys know I get into a lot in my quest to master the art of living. For the longest time an item on my mondo beyond list has been to get a speaking part in a movie. I finally did it. The post-apocalyptic zombie movie The Last of Our Days will start filming this spring and I scored one of the lead roles fresh out of the gate. I get to play a militia leader named Connor.

We’re using my office for rehearsals and such and next week will be hosting auditions there for a few remaining roles. Here’s the info on that from the director. If you’re in town and want to try out, come on by.

david powers-myrtle beach chamber-fishing pier

This upcoming Monday, January 5th, we will be holding auditions for our film The Last of Our Days. The auditions will be at 6:00pm at the following address:

739 Sandy Lane, Surfside Beach SC 29575
It’s right off Glenns Bay Rd and almost beside the water park Wild Water and Wheels. It’s a big warehouse building. You can park up front or in the back. The office is on the side. The doors look like the bright blue doors of a Tardis from Doctor Who.

We are looking for females to fill the following roles:

Age: 25-30
Shoulder length brown hair, average height, slim
Wife of main character, Marcus.
Sophia functions as the emotional support Marcus needs in this low point of his life and the driving force behind his journey during the outbreak of this infection. Her name alone is a powerful vehicle in this story.

Age: 25-35
Long dark brown hair usually in a pony tail, fit figure, tall
Wife of supporting character, Andy.
Lisa is a brief antagonist that then turns into a strong support in Marcus’s travel group. Even though she puts up a tough front most of the time, her love for her husband and friends are never questioned. She serves as a protective shield for her goofy weaker husband and covers up her own weaknesses to make up for his lack of strength. This sometimes gets her in trouble.

Age: 20-30
Short jet black hair, average height, has some weight on her, in the early term of her pregnancy
Girlfriend of lead role, Lucas.
An optimistic woman and the wife of Lucas. She has just found out she’s pregnant after a dark past with their last child and see’s this as the light they need in their life. Despite not being a strong person, she makes up for it with her likable personality. She doesn’t work well under pressure but holds herself together whenever in the company of Lucas.


Age: Late 20s’ – Early 30s’
Short black hair, tan, athletic figure
One of the right hand men of the antagonist, Connor.


Infected(non speaking)
Priests and Priestesses(speaking)
Survivors(speaking and nonspeaking)
Church people(nonspeaking)
Military Personnel(speaking and nonspeaking)
Armed guards(speaking and nonspeaking)

Be sure to come out and audition if you’re interested or if you know someone who is! For speaking roles, they will be cold reads from the actual script. We’ll have a lead actor on site to read off lines to you. Bring with you any head shots you might have as well as a resume if you have one. For any questions, contact the director Justin Jones. His information is listed below. See you on Monday!

Justin Jones

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

Go West Young Man, There’s Fewer Zombies There!

I think a lot about what’s going to happen during the apocalypse. It’s not just because I love apocalyptic fiction or that as a Pastor I see that a great portion of the Bible deals with past and future catastrophes and Revelation, the last book in the Bible, has often been called The Apocalypse of John. I also think about it a lot because I’ve dealt with that kind of experience or event most of my life. Most of my Federal and military service focused on responding to disasters. When big bad things natural or man-made happened, I was usually there treating victims, holding church services, or shooting looters. Back all of that up with the fact that I live in a coastal area with a full-blown hurricane season and you can see why preparedness is a common thought in most all that I do.

Because of my penchant for apocalyptic fiction, zombies are a frequent source of what I read about or watch in movies. They’ve recently become such a pop culture phenomenon again that everyone thinks about them. I use the zombie scourge as the subject of the disaster preparation class that I teach at universities and conferences.

A lot of people like zombies but don’t really believe in them. I’m just the opposite. I believe something large scale related to zombies will really happen someday. I’m not talking about the traditional rising from the dead, eating brains kind of zombie. I’m talking about the mix of a little bit of delirium or crazy with an infectious disease type of zombie. There are already drugs and diseases out there that produce crazy irrational people who have a desire to eat unnatural things. Consider something as simple as pica or something a little more serious like aerosolized rabies. Certain drugs in an overdose or asymptomatic state can also create the right conditions. Think about the new bath salts epidemic which has already produced very affected people eating other people. Remember Miami in May 2012?

During my recent trip out west I thought a lot about how defendable many of the cities are in the mountains. Where I live, the land is so wide open and flat you would have to set up massive fences and fortifications to protect yourself against a large group of crazies. Most of the land where I live resembles the locations seen in The Walking Dead. Out west though, many of the towns and even larger cities sit in canyons, gorges, or higher elevation locations that are very defendable and more easily protected. Aside from the access points on roads and highways it would be harder for people to approach the cities over the mountains and deserts. Hey, it worked for the Capitol district in The Hunger Games. Set up shop in the Rockies surrounded by a ring of mountains and you’re pretty much protected from attack by the other twelve districts. The people are also spread thinner out there which means the scarce resources in the desert or mountains would stretch further. It also means fewer zombies.

Here’s a shot of downtown Moab, Utah…

My Interwebz friend Char who writes the Apocalypse Mama blog lives up in Canada. I went through several of the Canadian provinces when I drove up to Alaska a while back. Aside from the big cities much of what I saw is pretty remote and resembles many parts of the American west. That raises many possibilities for avoiding a catastrophe as well. It is colder though, but we found out in World War Z that the cold may affect zombies in a way that makes it easier for you to survive. Just be sure to follow her blog before you go up that way asking for a few cans of food or refuge from the undead. That way she’ll know you’re safe and can contribute.

I guess what I’m saying is that if you want to go ahead and be fully prepared before something bad happens, move out west. Find an area that’s pretty free of most of the natural disasters, has plenty of resources, and is affordable and build your compound. You don’t have to be a crazy person to do this either. You can still have a lot of fun out west. But the thing is, you can have fun, live your life, and be more prepared for something bad.

Then all you have to worry about is whatever they’re working on over at Area 51 in Nevada.

Mary Jane Watson Loves Coffee but Not Starbucks Refreshers

It’s time for another pop culture coffee update.

Here’s a lovely Spider-Man comic cover that shows Mary Jane Watson enjoying a cup of brew and a model replicating the same cover. I thought this was a phenomenal re-creation of the image, and the addition of the Doctor Who magazine in the model shoot only adds to the shot. I saw this pic going gangbusters among my cosplay friends on Facebook. The model is Stacey Rebecca. I only know her through liking her Facebook modeling page, but she does phenomenal work. If you notice, even the swirl in the coffee is the same. The best I can tell, the credit for the pic goes to Paranoid Android Films.

I finally got to reading the latest Walking Dead trade paperback 16 and snatched a little coffee scene from it. Please don’t spill your coffee when you turen sideways to read it!

At this year’s XCon here in Myrtle Beach SC I picked up a few back issues of S.W.O.R.D. Here’s a coffee-centric couple of pages from the first issue.

And here’s a coffee scene in a Starman/Congorilla comic courtesy of DC Comics.

And at least one non-comic book addition. I pulled this chart from a magazine. I thought it was an interesting analysis of Starbucks’ new foray into Costa Rica. On a side note, I’ve tried both flavors of their new Refreshers drink based on green coffee extract. Both are very good, although I enjoyed the berry flavor best. Despite the excellent flavor, like many Starbucks products, the good flavor just doesn’t justify the exorbitant price tag at almost $4 for a drink full of ice.

Manly Man Gift Ideas

Originally published in print in South Carolina Woman…

REAL Gift Ideas for Your Man This Year

Don’t buy your man any of those expensive or goofy things that he’ll never use and you’ll end up throwing into a garage sale bin a year later. Here’s a couple of ideas of things your guy might really want this year.

Adjustable dumbbells– Several companies make them, but Bowflex makes the best ones. Take away any of the excuses your guy might be using to neglect working on those guns. $150-500

TOMS Shoes– Your guy needs to be both socially and fashionably conscious. There are so many TOMS styles out there, so why not buy him a gift certificate and let him pick his own. I love the limited edition Movember ones, but I’m biased toward anything with facial hair (except women). $80

The Walking Dead season one DVD set– Even if you don’t care for zombie action, your guy should love this. If he’s already seen the first season on tv, he’ll still enjoy the extra features. $40

Chemex coffeepot– This is by far the coolest way to make coffee at home. I’ve used one for years. It looks good and the brew is sweet. $40

Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson- I haven’t read this one yet, so I can’t comment on the story. With Jobs’ recent passing it’ll probably be the must-buy Christmas read. $35

A 12-pack of his favorite beverage- How silly, you say! No way. Guys like practicality and nothing is more practical than a case of his favorite whatever that no one else is going to mess with. For me, it’d be Mountain Dew. $ varies

Coupon book- These are so cheesy, but only because they’re seldom honored. Go buy one of those coupon books or make your own. Be sure it has things like an uninterrupted hour of tv, a sexy massage, a free day of maid service, and more. I’ll let you fill in the extras. Just be sure they’re items that you’ll follow through on. It’s those unused coupons that make the gift cheesy.

Now this is coming straight from the dude’s mouth, so take it as a man-rule. Ask your guy what he wants for Christmas. Ask for enough ideas so that you have choices. Then surprise him with what you pick.

Stay tuned in 2012 for a brand new revamp on the Man’s Point of View column!