Roaming Again in Connecticut

I was invited back again to the Connecticut EMS Expo at the Mohegan Sun resort. I presented lectures ranging from Zombies and Infection Control all the way over to A Futurist Look at EMS. I had a great time at the expo and casino. I had the opportunity to see a few old friends again and also make some new ones, including the Nightwatch crew below. It’s nice seeing a beard and some tattoos on an EMS crew, especially Holly, who’s pretty cool (Even though you missed my zombie class Holly!).

Nightwatch-Holly-CT-EMSHere’s our view of the Thames River from the hotel room. You can’t beat waking up to this every morning.

20150529_125224 Once again we ate way too much. It seems like every eatery in the resort serves double portions. I tried my best to keep up.

Hash House-Mohegan Sun

Fresh off the airplane we drove over to the Old State House in downtown Hartford CT to see the Joseph Steward Museum of Curiosities. It’s small but well worth the price of admission and time involved. Be sure to ask for your AAA discount. There was actually a lot more at the State House than I expected and we ended up spending several hours there.

Joseph Steward Museum of Curiosities

PT Barnum-chair-Hartford

Possibly our new favorite place in CT is the Gillette Castle State Park. This was the home of William Gillette, the actor who defined the modern portrayal of Sherlock Holmes with his cap, pipe, violin, and hypodermic needle. It was a pretty awesome place and, to me, a must stop spot in CT.

The riverside photo below is the remains of Gillette’s old houseboat that burned. It’s easy to find. You can park at the ferry below the castle or even walk a trail from the castle down to the river.

Gillette Castle-CT

Gillette Castle-CT-2



A place I would highly recommend you avoid in CT is the city of Bridgeport. Everything about Bridgeport is pretty sketchy, and most of the downtown resembles a post-apocalyptic wasteland. The Barnum Museum is located there, but is closed most of the time and not worth the trip.


We climbed Mt. Tom to see the tower at the summit. You can ascend right up onto the top deck of the tower.

Mt Tom-CT

Then we visited Sleeping Giant State Park and the small castle at the summit of Mt. Carmel.

Sleeping Giant State Park-CT

There are way more photographs and reviews of places I visited than I could put in the blog. Be sure to check out my Facebook page for the pics. If we’re not FB friends yet, why not?

I’m also doing more work for Trip Advisor, so you can see my reviews of places visited, including hotels and eateries on there. You can find my TA account HERE.

I also do coffee shop crawls anytime I travel for another business venture of mine The Coffee Scholar. Check out the CT Coffee Crawl on that site.

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My First Movie and I Get to be a Zombie Fighting Bad Guy!

I got my first movie gig, which I talked about once before HERE. Well, guess what, the trailer is out. It’s posted below, so feel free to watch it over and over and be sure to contribute bags of money to the Kickstarter for it. I’m betting if you offer enough money, the director will let you be one of the zombies that eats me.

Check it out…

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

last of our days-zombies-walking dead-david powers

No Matter What I’ve Done, I Still Get Scared Sometimes

I was sitting right there behind the couch in my office. Kenny, Greg, Christiana, Robert, everyone else…the whole gang was sitting in front of me.

We were all gathered in my office for the first read through of the script for The Last of Our Days. It’s the first time I’ve done anything like this. Sure, I’ve done commercials and modeling. I’ve delivered lectures in front of thousands of people. I’ve taught at medical conferences with audiences full of people more qualified and educated than me.

But I don’t get nervous about those things anymore. This though…this was something new, and I was nervous.

Last of Our Days-zombie-David Powers

My lines didn’t come until the middle of the movie. I had the chance to hear others read first. Our director Justin would correct some by offering tips. A couple of them would flub lines. We’d make jokes. We’d laugh for a bit. The mob of angry butterflies in my stomach weren’t laughing though. They were punching me in the gut.

Would Justin tell me I was horrible?

Would the really pretty girl in the room look at me in disgust?

Would they all try to find some way to gracefully kick me off the cast?

And then it happened. My part arrived. I read. Justin gave me some tips. Everyone laughed at the right times.

I didn’t do it perfect, but I did okay. I found those butterflies and stomped them into a colorful mash-up of color and bug juice. Then I burned them so they’re kin would know better than to come back.

I’m looking forward to this, my first speaking role in a full length movie. It’s a zombie movie, and I get to play a bad-ass militia leader.

So, here’s my point. Don’t get complacent. Don’t get too stuck in comfort. Do something this year that gives you butterflies.

Get up right now and go plan something to do this year that will give you butterflies. The best way to know if it’s something big enough is that just the planning for it will give you butterflies too.

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P.S. Keep an eye out for the movie. It’s called The Last of Our Days and from Panda Loft Studios. You can stay tuned to the filming by looking for #LastofOurDays on Twitter.


Movie Auditions at My Office Next Week!

You guys know I get into a lot in my quest to master the art of living. For the longest time an item on my mondo beyond list has been to get a speaking part in a movie. I finally did it. The post-apocalyptic zombie movie The Last of Our Days will start filming this spring and I scored one of the lead roles fresh out of the gate. I get to play a militia leader named Connor.

We’re using my office for rehearsals and such and next week will be hosting auditions there for a few remaining roles. Here’s the info on that from the director. If you’re in town and want to try out, come on by.

david powers-myrtle beach chamber-fishing pier

This upcoming Monday, January 5th, we will be holding auditions for our film The Last of Our Days. The auditions will be at 6:00pm at the following address:

739 Sandy Lane, Surfside Beach SC 29575
It’s right off Glenns Bay Rd and almost beside the water park Wild Water and Wheels. It’s a big warehouse building. You can park up front or in the back. The office is on the side. The doors look like the bright blue doors of a Tardis from Doctor Who.

We are looking for females to fill the following roles:

Age: 25-30
Shoulder length brown hair, average height, slim
Wife of main character, Marcus.
Sophia functions as the emotional support Marcus needs in this low point of his life and the driving force behind his journey during the outbreak of this infection. Her name alone is a powerful vehicle in this story.

Age: 25-35
Long dark brown hair usually in a pony tail, fit figure, tall
Wife of supporting character, Andy.
Lisa is a brief antagonist that then turns into a strong support in Marcus’s travel group. Even though she puts up a tough front most of the time, her love for her husband and friends are never questioned. She serves as a protective shield for her goofy weaker husband and covers up her own weaknesses to make up for his lack of strength. This sometimes gets her in trouble.

Age: 20-30
Short jet black hair, average height, has some weight on her, in the early term of her pregnancy
Girlfriend of lead role, Lucas.
An optimistic woman and the wife of Lucas. She has just found out she’s pregnant after a dark past with their last child and see’s this as the light they need in their life. Despite not being a strong person, she makes up for it with her likable personality. She doesn’t work well under pressure but holds herself together whenever in the company of Lucas.


Age: Late 20s’ – Early 30s’
Short black hair, tan, athletic figure
One of the right hand men of the antagonist, Connor.


Infected(non speaking)
Priests and Priestesses(speaking)
Survivors(speaking and nonspeaking)
Church people(nonspeaking)
Military Personnel(speaking and nonspeaking)
Armed guards(speaking and nonspeaking)

Be sure to come out and audition if you’re interested or if you know someone who is! For speaking roles, they will be cold reads from the actual script. We’ll have a lead actor on site to read off lines to you. Bring with you any head shots you might have as well as a resume if you have one. For any questions, contact the director Justin Jones. His information is listed below. See you on Monday!

Justin Jones

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

You vs. The Predator

I came across a bunch of “Predator vs.” comic books in my new collection. Predator vs. Superman. Predator vs. Magnus Robot Fighter. Even Predator vs. Batman. It got me to thinking that fighting the Predators is a good way to gauge your chances of success in a zombie apocalypse. Since we don’t know what form the zombies will take  from the superscary runners and jumpers to the average slow undead, the Predators give us a good indicator to examine. They’re fast, ruthless, and technologically equipped. Stealing a parlance from the movie Dodgeball, if you can beat a Predator you can beat a zombie.

But to really have a good idea of your chances, you need some type of a ruler to go by. Here’s what I came up with, but I’m open to suggestions.

1- Lay down and die.

2- Run away with no plan.

3- Fight back hopelessly so others can escape and you die.

4- Fight back with all you’ve got.

5- Fight back so hard that you earn the respect of the Predators.

Where are you on the hierarchy of survival?

Surviving Your Serengeti Book Review

This is a reprint of my book review column published each month in Transitions magazine…

Surviving Your Serengeti: 7 Skills to Master Business and Life"".

A good friend and fellow life coach recently recommended a book to me called Surviving Your Serengeti written by Stefan Swanepoel. This book appealed to me on several fronts. From my own travels and experiences I have a great affinity for Africa. I’m also a sucker for personal development and business books. Stefan’s book uses lessons learned from the African animals of the Serengeti to show how  various personality types and strengths affect us in life and in business. Each lesson comes from a particular animal…

The enduring wildebeest

The strategic lion

The risk-taking mongoose

The gracious giraffe

The communicating elephant

The enterprising crocodile

The efficient cheetah

There’s actually a self-test you can take at the book’s website to see which animal you might be. The website is I took the test and came out as the Enterprising Crocodile. Having read the book, I can definitely see this, and a crocodile is a pretty cool animal to be. Very ferocious, aggressive, and, yes, enterprising. I proudly used the app from the site to post my crocodile-ness on my Facebook page.

The book is written as a business fable. in other words, the actual non-fiction knowledge is carefully woven within a fictional story involving a couple on a safari trip to Africa. If you’ve ever read The Goal by Goldratt and Cox or Who Moved My Cheese by Johnson and Blanchard, it’s a similar format. I love these type of books. Jesus taught that way with parables in order to gain everyone’s attention and it worked marvelously. If Jesus did it with such great success, how can an author go wrong with the same layout. There’s just enough fiction to get us attached to the characters and tons of knowledge that comes out through their actions and thoughts.

It’s a very good book. If you’re a fast reader, it makes for an excellent Sunday afternoon on the patio. if you’re a slower reader and like to really digest your books, you could easily tackle a chapter or animal each night.  

Take the opportunity to explore the book’s website as well, not just the animal test. There’s a lot of information on Africa and Stefan’s life there where he spent his most formative years among the animals talked about in the book. I just checked the website to write this review and the home page featured a beautiful photo of my first major summit Mt Kilimanjaro and an elephant herd.

Buy the book. Take the online test. Check out the website. Take a safari to Africa. ‘Nuff said.

                Other notable reads this month…

The Walking Dead: Compendium One"".

And Thereby Hangs a Tale by Jeffrey Archer"".

Of Love and Evil (Songs of the Seraphim, Book 2)"".