Living in the City of No People

I’m a big apocalypse fan. Not so much a fan of mass death and destruction. That would be just plain sick. I’m a fan of the genre and how people imagine it in both fiction and the non-fiction prep manuals. One of the things I’m so enamored with is the allure of existing in large cities that are empty. No people. No noise. Do you remember the scenes in I Am Legend where he’s speeding through New York in a Mustang while hunting deer downtown? That’s what I like. There’s also The Day After Tomorrow where the group of survivors is camping out in a library.

That’s why my interest was piqued when I read an article in Builder magazine about an empty city under construction in the middle of New Mexico. Washington DC-based Pegasus Global Holdings is building a huge metropolis void of occupants so they can study it. There’s even an interstate, suburbs, and rural farmland. All empty. Sounds pretty cool to me! It makes me want to visit and just go running through the streets, camping out in somebody’s office, and raiding a drugstore for supplies.

The why?

“We don’t have that burden of having people living in he city,” says CEO Bob Brumley. “We could do destructive testing you could never do with people there.”

Awesome! I could visit there and experience a bit of my apocalypse vibe without anyone dying, strange viruses rampaging through the populace, or the dead coming to life.

Another cool fact…the new town is expected to create 350 direct and 3500 indirect jobs.


I Am Legend link here >.

The Day After Tomorrow link here >.


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