Customer Satisfaction is a Pain

I saw this milk sign at a convenience store in Connecticut. It does what most ads do and makes the milk look yummy and inviting. It also pissed me off, because the company revealed more than they probably should have. I wrote about a similar topic yesterday with Cirrus aircraft. I’ve also written about it concerning hiring trained killers as construction workers.

Milk-No Artificial Hormones

You have got to be careful what you say and how you say it. Check out the red box in the middle with Bessie the cow hovering over it like a guard dog.

“Hood Farmers’ Pledge- No Artificial Growth Hormones”

That sounds good right. Haven’t we had enough with artificial growth hormones? Aren’t we tired of forcing little kids to guzzle milk in grade school and watching them develop weird before they even hit puberty? I mean, do I really even need to go into all the dangers of growth hormones in our food sources?

Great job Hood Farmers, but you should have stopped there. You kept going with…

“*To satisfy our consumers”

Ouch! It’s like they just said, “We don’t really give a crap what it takes to grow big cows that produce more milk than they really should. We don’t care what the effects are on your kids. But since you forced us and said you’d boycott our products if we didn’t remove the hormones, we’ll do it for you. But we won’t like it. But we’ll do it.”

They just couldn’t fit all that on the label.

I’m sure (well, at least I’m hoping) that this isn’t what they meant. Do you ever do this in your business? The whole saying something that sounds good, putting lots of money into marketing it or printing it, and then wishing someone would have said, “You know what? That could be misconstrued.” Keep an eye out for that.

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Are You Saying What You Really Mean?

I just got through listening to one of Tim Ferriss’ podcasts where he mentioned that Naval Ravikant told him once that he was dressed like a gay banker. This and the notion of always telling the truth was fresh on my mind when I saw this advertisement for a Cirrus Aircraft with a self-deploying airplane parachute.


On the surface it sounds pretty cool, right? If the plane goes down, it has it’s own parachute. But what about what’s under the surface?

I have a good friend who’s been a pilot for a very long time. From talking with him, it would seem like anytime there’s a critical malfunction in a plane and not user error, it is the skill of the pilot that often brings the plane down safely with nothing more than a minor jostle and a heavier than normal landing, if even that. Almost all plane malfunctions and hard landings take place without anyone ever outside of the professional realm ever knowing about it.

Wouldn’t a plane with a parachute remove all aspect of skill and put your safety in the hands of a machine that already failed you?

It gets worse.

The ad mentions 72 lives saved. On the surface, that sounds pretty good. The parachute works. People didn’t die. Under the surface, though…whew! Think about it. Seventy-two times, in this plane, pilots have experienced malfunctions that required deploying the parachute. This plane crashed 72 times, and Cirrus is proud of it.

I wonder if that’s what they really wanted us to take from this ad? Can you imagine the ad if it was done by Dos Equis’ Most Interesting Man in the World?


“I don’t crash planes often, but when I do I fly Cirrus.”

Do you do this where you work? Are you proud of the wrong things? Do you say the right things in the wrong way? Always have someone play devil’s advocate and glance over your official communications before they go out. And I always recommend that you be very careful using stats about malfunctions, injuries, and deaths in your ads.

Disclaimer…I am not a pilot. Everything I’m saying here that goes beyond what I see on TV is based on conversations with a professional pilot friend.

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Do Not Trust the Military with Guns

It’s a weird statement, right? Don’t trust the military with guns.

Although it’s an easy subject to politicize, I want you to try to read the rest of this post and put your politics aside. I want you to think about what you’re reading from the point-of-view of simple logic. Ask yourself if what people are saying makes sense.

I moved to Chattanooga TN days before the shooting event that occurred at two area military centers. Five brave military men were killed. They were unarmed at the time, so obviously the debate immediately began regarding the question of arming members of our military.

  • Should they be armed on US soil?
  • Do they even need to be armed at all?
  • Why aren’t they armed?
  • Why aren’t they protected if they’re not armed?

Despite your opinions on those questions and the event itself, I want you to really think about this next part. The following is a direct quote from the newspaper…

“But others have raised concerns about arming soldiers, citing issues ranging from accidents to mental illness, PTSD and workplace violence.”

Seriously? People, including those high up at the Pentagon are nervous about arming soldiers. Does this even make sense? Doesn’t the word soldier pretty much imply armed?

They’re afraid of handing handguns to soldiers who are…

  • Trained to use them
  •  Required to qualify with them annually
  • Often carry much larger weapons
  • Often use and control massive weapon systems

If you can’t arm soldiers, then what can you do? Can you even call it an ‘Army’?

Do you run into this at work or in your own life? People don’t trust you with simple things, simple machinery, simple tasks, or simple responsibilities? Even if it’s necessary for your job? Even if you’re asking for it?

What do you do?

One of the Naval officers fired back using a weapon he was not supposed to have on the property and likely saved lives. What rules are you willing to break at work to do the work that is needed?

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Have You Met Death?

Movie tickets are weird. People usually find them in wallets, coat pockets, and old purses. Once found, they bring back memories sometimes of first dates, horrible dates, possibly even the event that led to the conception of your first child.

I found these movie tickets in a folder the other day. Apparently, I met Death, and even had an appointment for it.

Ticket to see Death

Ticket to see Death-2

It got me to thinking. I met death and walked away. I don’t remember much about the meeting. I don’t recall if we came to an agreement when we’d meet again. Who knows, considering the jobs I’ve done in previous times, maybe we were discussing someone else’s meeting with him (or her).

Appointment or not, are you ready to meet death? Are you living a life that you’ll be proud of when you do? If the answer to either of those questions is, “No”, then you have some work to do. I wouldn’t delay it though. Even if you knew when your appointment would be, time would move way too fast to afford wasting time.

Get to work.

Create an epic life.

Do sh*t that matters.

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!

PS…Looking back through my memory banks, I think this was actually a ticket to the 1990 cinematic masterpiece Marked for Death starring Steven Seagal. I was a huge fan of his back in the day.


Avoiding the Hell that is Back to School Shopping

I just made the mistake of venturing into Wal Mart during back to school shopping time on a tax free weekend. Ouch! If you’ve ever done this on purpose or by accident, you know what I’m talking about. I feel bad for my friends that work retail at times like this (unless, of course, you work on commission).


I’m glad that I don’t have to do the back to school shopping thing anymore. As a kid I enjoyed it because it was the time to try and find the coolest Trapper Keeper or folders. I’m sure my parents hated it, and not just because of the lines. We didn’t have a lot of money back in those days either. My parents were pretty awesome and, as a kid, I never really knew this. So, every August we would do the same old zombie shuffle into the store with a list of stuff me and my sister needed for school.

Let me see if I can break it down…

  • Your taxes pay for school.
  • You pay extra fees for anything special your kids do.
  • The teachers give you a very specific list of crap you need to buy.
  • A lot of schools also mandate that you buy extra stuff that goes into a bin for the kids who can’t afford all the crap the schools said they needed.
  • You stand in line at the store for the joy of purchasing all of this stuff.
  • You wonder if it’s all worth it.
  • You wonder why there isn’t a better way to do all this.

There is a better way.

There’s a better way to educate our kids that actually prepares them for adulthood. There’s a better way that doesn’t require a bunch of supplies you don’t need and will rarely use. You know what? Belay that, there’s not just one better way. There are a lot of better ways.

Did you know that you have choices in education other than just shipping your kids off to an overcrowded, dangerous government school? The better ways go by so many names, and each one is so different than the others.

  • Private school
  • Unschool
  • Homeschool
  • School abroad
  • Travel school

As a parent you have choices and you can pick the one that most favors your lifestyle and your child’s personality. Don’t just give in and, for goodness sake, think about your choices before you head out to the store this weekend. It’s not too late to change your child’s future right now…this weekend…today.

I talk about this at length in my book Creating a Functional Education. You can buy it online for your e-reader, and you don’t even have to go to the store.

Don’t waste any more time. Don’t waste any more of your kid’s time. Make a change now.

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A High Speed Low Drag Way of Life

I joined the Marines at the age of 17. I’m 40 now. For most of my adult life I’ve worked in occupations where people shot at me or tried to blow me up, I almost always went armed everywhere I was, or I was surrounded by wild animals who saw me at the bottom of the food chain. Don’t get me wrong, it’s been a lot of fun. It has also shaped how I live.

DWP-USMC-boot camp

Combine Jack Bauer and Indiana Jones, add a fierce red beard, take away all the handsomeness and the hair, and you’ve got me.

All of this helped hone a way of life I call High Speed Low Drag Living.

The Urban Dictionary defines the term as “No extra fluff or “baggage” that is irrelevant to the person, product, or idea being described. Basically, “very efficient” or “lean and mean”. It’s a term we often used in the Marines because of its nautical connotation. A vessel with low drag or extra crap will go faster. It applies in so many ways too.

Just think about your own body. Weigh less, run faster.

What about your business? Less debt, more mobility.

These days I get shot at much less than I used to, but there are the occasional contracts I take that I often can’t reveal where I trade my button down shirt for a plate carrier. Mostly these days I help other people develop a high speed low drag life. Not everyone can afford me and not everyone is willing to pay for help in life transformation though, and that’s fine. I’d rather have the right number of great clients than too many bad ones who aren’t willing to work hard. That’s why I wrote my book on Rapid Skill Acquisition. It’s an anonymous inexpensive way to check out what I do.


Rapid Skill Acquisition has been on the best seller lists in the areas of cognitive psychology and experimental education because it works. It’s pretty cheap too if you buy it for your tablet. Click on this link right HERE and you can check it out. If you think you’re ready for more, send me a message and we’ll see if we’re a good fit for moving you forward.

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Burn Your Underpants and Get a Stand Up Desk

You don’t really have to burn your underpants, unless you want to. It just seems like the thing people do to make a statement. You know, burning bras and underwear and such. I’d rather keep mine on, so you can too.

One of the recent posts on the Art of Manliness spoke of the dangers of sitting too long. You can find that post HERE. Go read it after you finish this one.

Basically, the lesson is that man wasn’t made to sit all day, and yet we do. Most of you sit for a commute to work where you sit in an office all day, until you sit down for your commute home, where you collapse in a chair to wind down a few hours before bed. Many of you sit for your breaks from all that sitting, either while eating, reading, or smoking. Outdoor biking excluded, most of the exercise people do involve sitting at machines.

You sit way too long. I did too. As active as my life is, much of my average working day is spent in front of a desk or at a meeting with a client sitting in chairs. I needed to make a change, so I asked my dad, who’s a construction guy, to build me a stand-up desk. Once that was finished, there was no turning back. I’ve been using my stand-up desk exclusively now for half a year. I have a stool tucked under it just in case, but seldom use it.

You can read about the benefits of a stand-up desk in other places, so I won’t bore you by repeating things. You can find another one of those HERE from Supreme Men. Instead, I’ll just talk about me. I feel better. I feel more energized not sitting all day. I feel more responsive to things going on around me, especially my kids. When I do sit down at lunch or to meet a client, it’s like a reward. If you ever come and visit my office, you’re liable to find me doing something weird, but don’t worry about it. Sometimes I do calf raises while working. Sometimes I’ll have one of my legs propped up on the desk stretching out.

If you have an office job, I’d urge you to transition to a stand-up desk. It’ll tire you out at first, but it’s a great change. There are so many options out there too. I opted for the hand-made tall table version, but you don’t have to. You can use a countertop. You can buy a desk that moves up and down based on your preferences. Just Google ‘stand-up desk’ and you’ll see tons of ideas and options available.

It’s time to take this small step backwards toward the days when men needed to be more responsive to dangers like dinosaurs and Vikings. Your all day sitting is turning you into a defenseless blob.

This is me doing calf raises at my desk. See the beard. I’m a Viking. I’m coming for you if you don’t stand up and move more.

Stand Up Desk

This message was written by a team of geeks, nerds, gamers, and Dr. David Powers. You can always find us at Thanks for reading!