My Best Selling Book is FREE This Weekend!

My best-selling book on Rapid Skill Acquisition is free this weekend. It’s in the process of being revised and will more than double in size with case studies on people who have worked their way through the first edition. It’s already hit the top ten in books for Education and Psychology, but I want to make it viable for a much larger audience.


I’m offering it for free all this weekend so that I can get even more stories, and I’d love to feature you in the next edition. So there’s no guessing what to do, here’s a game plan…

  1. Download my book HERE.
  2. Be sure to go back and write an honest, but hopefully good review, on the same Amazon site.
  3. E-mail me with your experiences based on the book. It doesn’t have to be a success story either. I just want more stories of real people working through it. You can find me at

For those of you that send me an e-mail with a story or a link to your review, I’ll send you a free copy of the revised edition when it comes out this summer.

If you’re finding this blog after the weekend free event is over, drop me a line. I’ll still hook you up.

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What I Do Can’t Be Nice

Just got a letter back from a friend that’s in prison for a few years. I’d sent him pics of the triathlon I ran recently, and, for fun, he showed them around to a few friends to see what they thought. I thought the resulting comments were pretty funny.

What Does david Do-001How about you? Do you maintain a traditional look for what you do? Is it because you like to or because you want to? It makes a big difference in how you operate.

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wolverine-quote-what i do

I’m Truly Worried for the Idiots at the FDA

Another controversy has come and (hopefully) gone. Unless you’re really entrenched in the fitness community you probably didn’t even notice it. If you were, you probably noticed it and said, “What the heck?”

The FDA attacked Kind bars!

The FDA goons delivered a letter to Kind Bars CEO Daniel Lubetsky recently. It’s pretty long, so I won’t bother posting it here. It’s full of government language nonsensery, which really isn’t worth your time. I’d rather take up your reading time by talking more about the lack of intelligence found in the tax funded brain trust known as the FDA. If you really, really want to read the letter, HERE is the link.

The absolute best thing about the letter is that there’s an address, phone number, and e-mail address at the end of that you can send a complaint to. Please, please do this! Tell the FDA what you think about their overly burdensome regulations, years and years of delay for new innovations, and their inability to do something for the American public that really matters.

Now, back to the fruit and nut of the controversy.

I would absolutely love to explain why the FDA’s actions and ensuing controversy are so idiotic, but others have already done this for me.

There was an excellent post on the MyFitnessPal blog, I’m a religious user of their app. It’s helped me drop a lot of weight in my quest to hit light heavyweight. I eat Kind bars regularly, and they enter in the app just fine with no warnings at all. In fact, most of the Kind bars I eat often pop up with a good note mentioning the protein or fiber content. That article can be found right HERE.

Check out another great article HERE that was posted on an NPR affiliate. One really big takeaway is that “the FDA’s letter to Kind is based on outdated guidelines.”

And HERE is a third one from The Huffington Post.

My biggest problem with the whole thing is that the FDA’s actions do not encourage people to be informed. They’re catering to the lowest common denominator in society, i.e. the stupid people. Instead of encouraging people to rise up and know what they’re eating, they’re insulating them from any notion of personal responsibility.

“it’s still up to us to be informed consumers whether you’re a KIND bar fanatic or not.”


I’m calling you out FDA. Stop attacking corporations who are making good food and doing good stuff and do something worthwhile. I’d rather have Daniel and his team spending their time cooking up new flavors than responding to your letters.

I have a crapload of HEALTHY Kind bars in different flavors in my pantry right now. I’m going to enjoy one in a few minutes as a HEALTHY snack. Right now, the Roasted Jalapeno bar is my favorite. I know exactly what I’m eating because I’m an informed responsible person. I also have a copy of Daniel Lubetsky’s new book Do the KIND Thing on my bookshelf.


I’m good, but what about you?

Here’s a plan of action…

  1. Write a nasty letter to the FDA. Businesses simply cannot fight back because the government will retaliate. It’s up to the consumers like us who use their products to take up the fight for them.
  2. Buy a multi-pack of Kind bars HERE.
  3. Buy Daniel’s book.
  4. Go live a long and healthy life.

Full disclaimer…I do not work for Kind bars. I regularly eat Kind bars. I have gotten the wonderful opportunity to get to know a few people at the company.

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U.S. Capitol Attacked by Ultralight Aircraft

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only guy that read about the recent invasion of Washington DC by a featherweight gyrocopter.

Capitol-gyrocopter-Washington DC

Like many of you, I’ve been wondering how this happened. How did this guy manage the task of invading the world’s most protected airspace? Why didn’t the Secret Service, NSA, and others we dare not call out by name not already run scenarios involving an event of this nature? I suppose we can at least be glad it wasn’t drunk Secret Service agents flying it.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that on many occasions scenarios of this nature have already occurred. I used to do this, as a matter of fact, with my own equipment. No, I never invaded Washington because I’m one of the good guys, but I frequently invaded heavily guarded enemy territory utilizing ultralight aircraft piloted by my own hand.

Here’s the one I used to fly…



My glider was capable of carrying troops and was even armed with two missiles.

Although all of what I’ve said is true, it’s also heavy on the sarcasm. Here’s why. At Geek Futurist, this is exactly the type of scenario that we plan for. We take inspiration from pop culture and wonder what happens if the bad guys do the same. What if fiction becomes reality? How do we stop them? How do we prevent the incident in the first place?

G.I. Joe has been fighting Cobra troopers using ultralight armed gliders since the 1980’s, so why didn’t the planners and plotters at the White House ever consider this?

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Our Dream House- Choosing the Right Insulation

Most everyone I know has some idea of a dream house in mind, but most of them never actually take any steps toward that dream house. My family is no different, except in the making-it-real department. I want to put our ideas out there so that it makes us more accountable and so that it drives us to make our dreams a reality.

One of the areas I’m looking at for our house is the insulation. I know, insulation isn’t pretty. It get covered up. If it works okay, don’t worry about it.

Not true. Choosing the right insulation for the job will save us thousands over the years in energy costs and also not needing to replace or augment the wrong product.

HERE is a great article I saw a while back on green alternatives to spray foam insulation.

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insulation-house-steve carell

Time for a Bathroom Drawer Dump

I see posts all the time on other blogs about seeing what people carry in their, pockets, bags, or cars. I thought I’d do one about the bathroom drawer. For a lot of people (my wife included), it’s just the bathroom version of the kitchen drawer, a catch-all for whatever doesn’t have it’s own place. I’m a bit more minimalist and also slightly OCD, so mine is different.

Here’s it is, with a rundown of what’s in there.

Bathroom Drawer

Old Spice Wolfthorn deodorant. I quit using anti-perspirant a long time ago and now only use deodorant.

Mountain Man Soap– Campfire scent. Mountain Man is the only soap I use. It’s artisan soap, hand-made in California by my friend Brett.

Beard Oil and Beard Batter from Roughneck Beard Company. This stuff keeps my beard tamed and in check. To do otherwise would endanger the earth.

Advocare Thermoplus. A little extra aid for my fitness program. It’s been referred to by some as liposuction in a bottle.

Other assorted random beauty and hygiene aids

The only things you can’t see are my bottles of niacin and a generic multivitamin.

How about yours? Post a pic and a description here or on my Facebook page.

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