Where is Doonesbury Going?

The Doonesbury at the Starbucks Gun Club strip moves forward.

I’m curious to see where he’s going with it. Doonesbury is one of the few more academic strips where you can actually read more into it than the simple punchline. Much better than talking animals or goofy Vikings.

Know what I’m reading into this one- quit making a scene over nothing. Just be happy you have a job. Oh, and buy more coffee!

A Good Day for Comic Coffee

It was a good day in the comics today for coffee appearances.

Doonesbury- I really like this story arc with the kid that got “blown up in the sandbox.”

Shoe- Sexy young bird drinking coffee at the diner.

Dilbert- Nothing better than Wally drinking Joe during a PowerPoint presentation.

Jumpstart- As usual, Joe with his cup of Joe.

Pearls Before Swine- I love Rat, but not so much when he almost makes Stephan spill his coffee.

For Better or Worse- I’ll rehash my hate for recycled comic strips. Even so, you don’t usually see a coffee pot show up in the comics.