Honduran Cafe Oro Coffee

One really nice perk about being a coffee expert and writing monthly reviews is that I get awesome coffee from all over the world that I normally wouldn’t have access to. Some companies send me samples to review and my network of world-traveling friends also send me goodies from time to time.

My good friend and fellow life coach Tim West sent me several packages of Honduran Cafe Oro coffee. It’s one thing to buy single origin coffee from the grocery store. It’s quite another to get it from the source. If you enjoy good coffee I always recommend buying some on your vacations. You’re also more than welcome to send me some as well. Not only is the coffee closer to the farm but the packaging is also cool. After I emptied them out I framed the bags for my coffee wall.

Thanks Tim! You can check him out right HERE.


11 thoughts on “Honduran Cafe Oro Coffee

  1. Allow me to make you Jealous. It’s a six-minute walk from my house to a restaurant I’ve only just recently started visiting. It’s a Honduran restaurant and what did I see there but a bag of this stuff and I’m about to have it for the first time. How awesome that I can just walk there and get this whenever I want!

  2. this is my absolute favorite coffee…I haven’t been everywhere, but I have been in a lot of places. I am just mad that I didn’t bring MORE of it back from Honduras when I left. I actually had bought a bunch of the packs to give out to friends, but ended up keeping most of them…just so good…haha

  3. I first drank this coffee in Roatan, and I brought several bags home to Arizona with me. Now I have to buy this coffee on line – I can’t drink any other brand of coffee!!. I’m ruined!! (…or am I saved??!!)

  4. How do you brew this stuff? I just brought some from Roatan and I tried brewing a package. I couldn’t even smell it brewing in my automatic drip coffee maker.

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