Be True to Yourself

I’ve just begun a very exciting partnership with a local corporate training company called The Kegler Group. Angela Kegler and Mike Ward of TKG have been good friends for a long time, and it’s a pleasure to now be working with them professionally. Angela asked me to participate in an American Cancer Society fundraiser with her and several others. As a four-time cancer warrior she’s very passionate about supporting the Society. This fundraiser was called The Competitive Edge and was a chance for us to help inspire and lead the attendees to something bigger and greater. Angela and I shared the stage with Coach Bennett (football) and Coach Gilmore (baseball) of Coastal Carolina University.

We had a great time despite some crazy weather and a pre-event electrical blackout that allowed power to be restored only minutes before we began. I took the opportunity to present a lecture that I was actually preparing for a magazine article when Angela approached me. The video below is unedited and has a couple of rough moments, but I hope you enjoy it…


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