Sexy Toothpaste and Batwoman’s Bootsole

Welcome to another edition of my sartorial musings.

Is it weird that I find this toothpaste ad to be extremely sexy? Seriously, how can toothpaste be sexy? Doesn’t matter. It is here.


It’s hard to really care about Batgirl’s injury with her standing there in her underwear like that.


From a sartorial manufacturing point-of-view, I find myself wondering where Batwoman has her boots made. She’s a vigilante (although government sanctioned now). They leave tracks. It’d be easy to track her down through her boot dealer. Maybe Batman’s guy makes her boots too.


There is just no way that Red Sonja’s top is staying on when she’s in battle-mode.


It’s hard to choose which outfit I like best, but the ginger near the middle always wins in the end.


*Disclaimer- Everything I Know About Fashion I Learned from the Military, Watching Porn, Stealing My Wife’s Old Fashion Mags, Reading Comic Books, and Ron Swanson.

One thought on “Sexy Toothpaste and Batwoman’s Bootsole

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