If You Drink Enough Coffee, You’ll Live for Like 300 Years

I’m sure it’s true. At least, no one’s proven me wrong yet by living that long. Maybe no one’s drunk enough coffee for it to happen yet.

Here’s your supercool coffee postings this week…

I can’t talk enough about Land of a Thousand Hills Coffee Company. We’re finishing off a bag of their Rwandan beans in church this week.


Here’s one of the coffee bikes they send over to farmers in Rwanda to haul beans to market.


My wife and I started watching Lost Girl on Netflix and have fallen in love with the show. I’m absolutely in love with her roomate. The way she dresses is very cool. There was a recent episode with a fey who had some pretty weird reactions to drinking coffee. What a horrible life that would be? It’d be like those sick people who can’t drink caffeinated coffee and are forced to drink decaf, which isn’t real coffee.




Here’s a comic book post for this week from a SpiderMan Unlimited comic. It’s nice to see several coffee scenes in one comic, but they still hit my pet peeve of comic book coffee scenes. Why, oh why, did they have to spill the coffee?






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